Whirlpool Dishwasher Fills And Drains But Doesn t Wash; why? How To Fix It?

whirlpool dishwasher fills and drains but Doesn't wash

After having all your favorite meals, only a dishwasher will make you free to wash the dishes effortlessly. If you will notice that your Whirlpool dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash or stop the machine, what will you feel? Frustrating, right?

Undoubtedly, Whirlpool dishwashers come from the unswerving brand ‘Whirlpool,’ and they are long-lasting. They break down very rarely which means never ever. It is excellent news that the minor issues of this machine are easy to troubleshoot.

If you have noticed your dishwasher is not working to wash the dishes, there are three reasons behind it. They aren’t extremely serious. 

You may want to call an expert to fix it. Believe me, before investing more money, spend a few minutes with us and go through this informative post where you may get a good suggestion and solution to fix this issue. 

Whirlpool Dishwasher Fills And Drains But Doesn’t Wash: Causes & Solutions

We have mentioned the three reasons why your Whirlpool dishwasher fills and drains but doesn’t wash. In this segment, we will share the three causes and tell you how to check the issues and fix them. Continue….. 

Reason-1: Wash Motor Faulty

The Whirlpool dishwasher features a motor that sets the washing cycle in motion and will work well perfectly. The wash motor performs two tasks: drive the pump to force the water up, wash the dishes, and even move the water out over the drainage pipe.

The wash motor receives the actual voltage from the dishwasher control panel to start washing your dishes. It begins running and drives the pump. The pump forces the water up to the chamber of the Whirlpool dishwasher.

When the water combines with the detergent used to clean the dishes, it is under high pressure. And the water also comes out over the wash arms. 

After cleaning the dishes, the wash motor pushes the pump again, forcing the unclean water out through the drain system. 

If you notice your dishwasher fills and drains the water, then stop the wash cycle and can’t wash the dishes. The circulation pump or dish wash motor is probably wholly faulty. For which the motor doesn’t perform perfectly.

What Are The Causes of Faulty Wash Motors?

What Are The Causes of Faulty Wash Motors

Check the motor in the best ways and discover the faults and why the dishwasher wash motor is terrible.

  • Clicking Sound: Turn on the dishwasher to a cycle and try to listen to the motor. If you can hear any clunking noise coming from the wash motor, you will confirm that the faulty one is in the motor and you need to exchange it with a new one.
  • Overheating: Sometimes the motor become stop and not working to overheating, and the washing cycle won’t happen
  • Dirty & Dust: Every Whirlpool dishwasher features a motor fan. This fan lets the motor take a breath, preventing overheating. When dust and dirt block this fan, the dishwasher motor won’t get breathe and can’t avoid overheating.
  • Overcurrent: The washing motor may get overcurrent for its power surge and stop performing. It won’t work until you change it.
  • Short Circuit: The motor will rust when the moisturizer is stored in its inner part. And when this part comes into contact with water, it makes a short circuit and stops the motor from working. 

What Are The Solutions?

You can do it if you discover that the motor is dead and must replace it. Let’s see how to replace a wash motor:

  • Safety comes first; disconnect your dishwasher from the main power
  • Open the door of the machine, remove the inferior rack
  • Disengage the upper frame and remove it.
  • Then remove the wash arms 
  • Separate both of the cords that lead the motor assembly
  • Now disconnect the drainage pipe from the pump
  • Lift the pump with the wash motor assembly from the bottom of the dishwasher
  • Detach your defective motor and install your new one
  • Reattach all removed components that you separated earlier
  • You have to ensure that you put all the parts back perfectly in the correct order
  • To test leaks, put some water in the washing part
  • If you get all right, close the door and go back to work 

The following steps are very simple. You must consult a mechanic if you can’t succeed and get stuck. 

Reason-2: Blocked Spray Arms

How do you unclog a dishwasher spray arm

The next essential gear of a Whirlpool dishwasher is the spray arm. It is also known as wash arms. In the dishwasher machine, it performs to shoot out water or circulates the water into and around the device to clean the dishes. Some dishwasher features one spray arm, and some come with multiple spray arms. 

When the spray arm gets clogged, the dishwasher can’t normally work to wash the dishes. It is reasoned by water minerals that actually harden in the water tubes. Another reason is to block the persistent food pledges when they can’t come out even with the high pressure of water.

To clean the stubborn foods and dishes, the pump needs to force the water with high pressure through the arms; for this reason, this arm is also called the spray arm. If your wash arm is blocked or clogged, your dishes won’t clean or wash. When you face this issue, you should know how to fix it. Let’s learn!

How to Solve Clogging Issue?

As we have got, that clogging can cause by food deposits and minerals from the use of more challenging water constantly. So, there are two solutions that you can try to unclog your blocked wash arm.

  1. You can apply a toothpick or a thin wire to eliminate the food deposits and the minerals. When you can be able to get out the food deposits without the arms components, we suggest you eradicate the arms for better results. 
  2. On the other hand, you can apply deep cleaning or flush the wash arms or spray arms. This process will clean the spray arms and can fix your issues.

You can mix the following two ways and try to clean your clogged wash arms. How to do it? Get start!

  • Disconnect your dishwasher from the power and open it.
  • Remove the wash arms, and you need to pop out only.
  • When you remove your wash arms, check them for clogs, cracks, or damage.
  • If damaged, you need to replace it.
  • But the wash arms don’t damage, only clog, and there has an excellent chance to clean the components at home.
  • To clean the clogged food deposits, use a thin wire and push the food from the arms.
  • Take some warm water in a bowl and mix an equal ratio of white vinegar.
  • Wash the spray arm using this mixture, ensure the vinegar mixture goes properly through the components, and flush the clogged. 
  • Rinse the arms numerous times so that the mixture of vinegar remove completely.
  • If your wash arms clean and remove the block, put them back into the dishwasher and use the machine to wash them freely. 

Reason-3: Detergent Dispenser Faulty

How do you fix a detergent dispenser

Detergent is the key ingredient in washing the dishes in the dishwasher. Sometimes it may respond by stopping the working of the device. 

After filling the detergent water in the dishwasher, the wash cycle motion starts working. If you notice that the water fills but does not start working or get stopped, there has an issue with the detergent dispenser compartment.

The problem is that the detergent drawer can’t open when you turn on the dishwasher. The machine will stop without having the proper power supply.

Here the wash motor allows the pump to swap, driving the arms to sprinkle the water with high pressure. For this method to be finished, the detergent drawer can open and allow some extra detergent to come out.

The issue might still lie in the detergent drawer if the above fact doesn’t affect the wash cycle. 

How can you check whether the detergent drawer is stuck or not? Here is how: 

  • Run the wash cycle of your dishwasher. 
  • After about 15 minutes, disconnect and push the cycle and open the door of the dishwasher machine.
  • Check the detergent dispenser opens up fully.
  • If it happens, the problem doesn’t remain in the detergent drawer. If it doesn’t happen, you have discovered the main issue and need to solve it. 

How To Fix This Issue?

  • If you understand that the detergent in the dishwasher is stuck, it may be caused for the spring of the detergent drawer that permits you to open and close it.
  • Before changing the faulty spring in the detergent drawer unit or the whole unit, you should try to clean the spring well first.
  • Then check whether the problem solves or not. If it doesn’t work, it will confirm to replace the spring.
  • If you need to repair the detergent drawer, safety first and turn the power to the machine back on and put it on the wash cycle 
  • Then check again; it works perfectly. If not, you may have to replace it completely. 

Last Points!

Your Whirlpool dishwasher fills and drains but doesn t wash and stop. We hope you feel very light after knowing our above guides, which will make it easy to fix all issues yourself. 

We confirm that if you follow the following instructions, you won’t only fix your dishwasher’s problems but also you should never worry about hiring and spending money for a professional technician. We hope you never experience the same issue in the future. 

After all, if you aren’t well-to-do in this sector, you must consider getting help from any professional technician. All the best! 

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