Top 7 Best Fillet Knife For Catfish 2023- Buying Guide

best electric fillet knife for catfish

In many cases, we do not find an easy way to fillet and slice our catfishes. Similarly, filleting fish is challenging for newbies as well. If they go to market places, the right fillet knife usually does not find them. For this reason, I am going to help you with some relevant knowledge about the best fillet knife for catfish.

On the flipping side, you will see here some electric fillet knife reviews as well. These products are mentioned with their features, pros, and cons. So if you want to justify your knife based on its outcomes, you simply do that. Just go through the significant features which are marked along with the fillet knives.

Particularly, DALSTRONG Electric Fillet knife and Rapala Delux Fillet Knife are emerging highly in the market. Still, I have added some more products if any of them suit your preferences. As we got know the concept in short, let us have a look on these best electric fillet knife guide.

9 Best Fillet Knife For Catfish

Image Product Name Specification Price
Dalstrong Color : Black G10 Handle
Handle Material : Alloy Steel
Blade Material: High Carbon German Steel, Expert Heat Treatment
Blade Edge : Straight Edged
Check Price
Shun Color : Silver
Handle Material : Walnut color PakkaWood®
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Blade Edge : Plain
Check Price
American Angler Color : Titanium-carbon Grey
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Handle Material : Rubber
Blade Edge : Straight Back
Power Source : Corded Electric
Style : Titanium
Check Price
Rapala Color : Multi
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Handle Material : Stainless Steel
Special Feature : Manual
Check Price
Calamus Color : 5” bait knife
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Power Source : Manual
Blade Shape : Straight Back
Handle Material : Rubber
Special Feature : Lightweight
Check Price
Cuda Color : Blue
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Style : Knife Set
Handle Material : Bone
Check Price
KastKing Color : C: 7” fillet Knife
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Blade Length : 7 Inches
Blade Edge : Serrated
Special Feature : Non-slip
Check Price
Rhinoreto Color : Blue
Blade Material : Stainless Steel
Handle Material : Stainless,Rubber Handle,Steel
Blade Edge : Plain
Check Price
Rapala Color : Grey/Black
Blade Material : Alloy Steel
Blade Length : 7.5 Inches
Special Feature :Lightweight
Check Price

7 Best Fillet Knife For Catfish Buying Guides

1. KastKing G4116 Fillet Knife

top rated electric fish fillet knife

KastKing G4116 is none other than a top rated electric fillet knife. Especially for those who want a professional level knife for boning and filleting, can give a look to KastKing Fillet Knife. Additionally, KastKing Knife owns a stainless blade with a razor sharpness of G4116.

All being well, KastKing G4116 keeps their edge longer and maintains a beautiful black finish. Even though it is saltwater or freshwater, the KastKing knife does its job perfectly everywhere.

For instance, this G4116 is useful for many applications, like- steaking large fishes, filleting all sizes of fishes, cutting baits, and so on. And if you want, you can also remove your meat or fish easily from their bones.


As mentioned before, KastKing G4116 has a curved stainless blade where the measurement is 6″, 7″, and 9″. Alongside, this knife is superior for its flexibility which is great for natural contours and perfect fillets. Again, for delicate cuts, G4116 knife would be an ideal choice

Non-slip grip

KastKing’s fillet knife has a non-slip polymer grip which will make it easier to use. And to ensure consumer’s safety, this product contains slip-resistant properties. Besides, you will not have any hassle regarding the cleanliness of the KastKing knife’s handle. 

Protective knife sheath

Since KastKing G4116 knives contact durable sheaths, their blades always remain protected. Moreover, the sheaths are completely lightweight in order to maintain suitability.


Undoubtedly, KastKing knives are safer than any ordinary knives. Their sheaths’ design helps to lock handles and the open slots help to drain water effortlessly.


  • Works as a professional level knife
  • Maintains a beautiful black finish
  • Great for natural contours and perfect fillets
  • Superior for its flexibility
  • Sheaths are durable and lightweight


  • Becomes dull after long time usage

2. Rhinoreto Stainless Steel fillet knife

how to fillet a catfish with a knife

Rhinoreto Stainless fillet knife is one of the best products for cleaning a catfish. Due to having a firm stainless steel, Rhinoreto Knife keeps a perfect balance between its sharp edge and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, Rhinoreto’s fillet knife retains a nice flexibility which is great for saltwater and freshwater fishes. 

As Rhinoreto Steel Knife acquires a special ultra-slick, its blade will offer more smoothness. Therefore, consumers can do boning and filleting of different meats and fishes in a click. Just slice and cut your meat with this knife to get perfect fillets.


To experience the best filleting, keep your blade sharpened every time. Well, Rhinoreto’s steel knife comes with an ergonomic and double-sided sharpener. As a result, sharpening this knife will not be harder for you anymore.

Rubber handle

With an ergonomic non-slip rubber handle Rhinoreto’s knives will not let you face any trouble while filleting catfish. Even if your hands are filled with fish mucus, Rhinoreto knife’s grip will not let you lose your focus. Furthermore, users will get enough safety from this knife as Rhinoreto’s guard tends to be 360 degrees above around the handle.


Rhinoreto Stainless Steel Knife has a special sheath, i.e. made of solid plastic. Similarly, the sheaths are ported on ends and keep the knives securely. Also, these sheaths of solid plastic will keep the blades dry and prevent bad odors.


  • Offer more smoothness than ordinary knifes
  • Retains a nice flexibility in saltwater and freshwater fishes
  • Comes with an ergonomic, double-sided sharpener
  • Sheaths keep the blades safe and sound


  • Often gets cracks

3. Calamus G4116 Fishing Fillet Knife

how to fillet a catfish with an electric knife

For flawless catfish filleting, Calamus G4116 always stands first. Well, this German blade looks clean and fresh in appearance because of its blue corrosion resistance. Not only that, Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife has enough corrosion resistant capability and maintains its edge finer and longer. Henceforth, steaking and filleting fish will become a cakewalk for you. 

All being well, Calamus G4116 is now available in four shapes and lengths. Additionally, you will get a stiff here, i.e. 5″ bait knife. Again, two flexible fillet knives of 7″ and 9″ are included in Calamus Fishing Knife. Last but not least, a boning or steaking knife is also there in Calamus’s Knife package.


All the knives in Calamus G4116 have slip-resistant and comfortable handles. However, these handles look more like rubber and golf style. So if you are looking for a safer use, Calamus Fishing Knife would be a better choice for you. 


Although Calamus Fillet Knife ensures a solid grip, it is really light in weight. Compared to other electric knives, Calamus knives weigh 40% less and make filleting jobs simpler.

Protective sheath

One important thing that you will get from G4116 fillet knives are protective sheaths made of nylon. Thus, your blades will remain safe throughout even during utilization.


  • Looks clean and fresh in appearance
  • Maintains edge finer and longer
  • Eases steaking and filleting fishes
  • Handles are comfortable and slip-resistant
  • Ensures safe usage
  • Keeps the blades safe throughout


  • Not good for bigger fishes

4. Buck 220 Fishing Fillet Knife

buck fillet knife reviews

In essence, Buck 220 Fillet Knife meets all exacting demands that anyone would expect from a high-quality knife. The reason is, Buck 220 Knife consists of state-of-the-art technology with high-quality materials. Hence, it is going to last as long as you will require. 

All in all, Buck 220 Knife is renowned as a folding fillet with a 220 silver creek. Again, this knife offers premium corrosion resistance with its 420J2 blade, i.e. titanium coated. And with Buck 6 ½” flexible you will not face any problem regarding the usage.


There is a glass reinforced handle in Buck Fillet Knife which is made of polypropylene. Thus, you can work smoothly with minimum friction by using Buck’s knife. Since Buck Kinfe’s handle has TPE rubber, that ensures firm strength and grip.


Because of having a nice corrosion resistance, consumers will not face any trouble with resharpening Buck Fillet knives. Nonetheless, this product has an ability to withstand toughness and maintains a balance of edge retention.


Though Buck 220 is amazing for ensuring safety, it never lacks in strength. As Buck Fishing Knife owns a convenient size, you can simply take it with you on any fishing trip. Moreover, there is a lock back mechanism which helps to open the blade easily and safely.


  • Meets all demands of a high-quality knife
  • Lasts as long as required
  • Offers a premium corrosion resistance
  • Ensures smooth usage with minimum friction
  • Size is convenient enough


  • Though sharp but not refined

5. DALSTRONG HC Fillet Knife

electric fillet knife blades for sale

In order to get some authentic electric fillet knife blades, DALSTRONG HC is the commendable one. If you see, DALSTRONG Fillet Knife comes with cutting-edge technology which gives improved workflows and accident prevention. Likewise, HC Fishing Knife contains stunning elements of design to give a posh appearance.

As DALSTRONG Fillet Knife has premium materials, users will get peak performance from it. Especially for fishmongers and butchers, DALSTRONG’s knives are highly recommended. 


Those who work in the kitchen professionally, can be benefited with DALSTRONG HC Knife on a high note. The reason is, Dalstrong’s knives offer super efficiency and precision throughout.


Undoubtedly, Dalstrong’s knives hold polished edges of 16 to 18 degrees on each side. And because of the high-carbon German steel HC Fillet Knife gains a super sharp edge with incredible razor sharpness. 


From now on, you will be able to glide your fish smoothly and contour it’s bones with a DALSTRONG HC Knife. Furthermore, this knife includes a flexible design which helps to separate meat with no tearings. 


Due to having premium materials, DALSTRONG knife leaves no stone unturned in giving a fine grip. Additionally, the handles are triple-riveted which ensures maneuverability and comfort every time.


  • Provides improved workflows and accident prevention
  • Best for kitchen professionals
  • Offers super sharp edge and razon sharpness
  • Helps to separate meats with zero tearings
  • Holds maneuverability and comfortability every time


  • Breaks after continuous uses

6. BUBBA Li-Ion Electric Fillet Knife

best cordless electric fillet knife

BUBBA Li-Ion can be referred to as the best cordless electric knife for its superior features. Nevertheless, BUBBA Cordless Knife comes with an ergonomic design which allows it to get fitted in hands perfectly.

In terms of specification, BUBBA Li-Ion Fillet Knife weighs 1.11 pounds with a length of 8.5″ in handle. Anyways, users will find sufficient ease in using BUBBA Li-Ion Electric Knife as it comes with a non-slip handle.

Added security

No doubt, Bubba Fillet Knife provides an added security with its trigger guard. Furthermore, you will get the ultimate knife control with an outstanding grip. 


As Bubba Fillet Knife contains a dual-rivet design, users will not find any complaints regarding its durability. Besides, this blade design is coated with stainless TIN which lasts for a long time.


In order to ensure an easy cleaning, Bubba Electric Knife offers removable blades. And if you want, you can keep your knife set in a zippered storage case. Yet, BUBBA’s knife includes an LED battery indicator too. Thus, Bubba Li-Ion will always work like the best electric fillet knife for fish.


  • Owns the longest run-time battery
  • Comes with extreme corrosion resistance
  • Maintains security with a safety lock
  • Makes effortless fillets of small to medium sized
  • Helps to operate safely while filleting


  • Blades tend to be dull sometimes

7. Rapala Deluxe Fillet Knife

best electric fillet knife blades

For filleting catfish fast, Rapala Deluxe Fillet Knife is a nice one. No problem wherever you are, Deluxe Electric Knife Set performs like a pro by having an advanced design. Not only that, Rapala Fillet Knife guarantees effortless and powerful works. 

Here, you will get some adapters to plug your fillet knife in any wall outlet. Also, you can plug Rapala’s Fillet Knife into a boat or car lighter outlet too. However, fishers and other users will be able to do their filleting chores effortlessly with Rapala’s knife set.


The Rapala Deluxe Fillet knife includes some reciprocating blades of 6″ and 7 ½ “. With these electric fillet knife blades, you will be able to do your filleting jobs in a click.


Since Rapala Deluxe Knife is made of blow molded plastic, it will leave no stone unturned in promoting productivity. Alongside, you will get the benefit of automation from this knife. So, why not grab a Rapala Deluxe Knife right now.

Storage case

In the storage case of Rapala Deluxe Knife, there is a 12V lighter plug to provide power as fast as possible. Moreover, there are 12V post clips for maintaining the robustness of your knife. Again, you will get a few adapters for your 110V AC in Rapala Deluxe Knife.


  • Makes filleting jobs faster and easier
  • Fits in almost all travel cases
  • Holds the control of knife while cutting
  • Good for cleaning numerous fishes
  • Amazing for its flexibility


  • Looses consistency after multiple uses

How to clean and fillet a catfish 

how to clean a big catfish

In order to fillet a catfish, you will need some cold water cats. You will see, your catfish is still lively after sitting in a bucket. Moreover, you will need some snippers to let your catfish lay flat. Just cut your catfish right off and they lay down flat. As a result, the fish will cooperate and will become easier to cut. Simultaneously, the catfish will seem hard where you will find a spot right behind it.

Afterwards, slide or slice right down your rib cage. Hence, a sound of pop will appear just like a walleye. Next, turn your catfish and flay that entire side of meat off all the way down 

After flipping your catfish, you will find a nice big chunk of meat. When you see it, do the other side quickly. Alongside, you are to keep your knife at an angle to cut over a back plate and slide the juicy one all the way down through that tail. Similarly, flip that cutting piece over the plate and discard it in trash.

Now use a clean fillet and make sure there are no hard bones. And if you miss any chunk, take that piece off and slice off nicely. After talking your meat, fillet it just like you would do to a wallet. And remember that there will be no scales in your meat. Then, clean your fillet and meat’s pieces to keep them fresh.

How to fillet a catfish with a knife

In order to fillet a catfish, use an electric knife and put your fish on ice before cleaning it. Make sure your flesh is soft and makes the job easier. First of all, take your fish out of the eyes and straighten its body. Then hold your fish with your left hand. Or you are right-handed, grip the fish by placing your thumb and forefinger behind the pectoral fins. 

how to fillet a catfish with electric knife

Likewise, your catfish’s head will be in the palm of your hand and you are to lay your fish on the other side where there is a flat surface. Nonetheless, this surface is located at the end of your ribcage.

Next, use your right hand and angle it with your electric knife and make it parallel to the ribcage. When you are done, start cutting your fish at an angle towards your fish’s backbone.

Once the backbone is reached, turn the blade of your electric knife keeping it parallel to the backbone. Now continue to cut along the backbone until you reach your fish’s tail. And once you reach the tail, stop cutting and use your blade to flip the fly over.  Again, use your electric knife to cut your meat from its skin. Therefore, you will get a boneless filet ready for the oven grill or fryer. 

If you like to eat backbone, simply cut it off

behind the rib cage and remove the fins. As catfish is a freshwater fish, it gets cleaned easily and swiftly with an electric knife.  

How to fillet a catfish 

First thing you will need to do is, go right behind the gill plate and the pectoral fin. Then make your first little incision all the way from fine down. Then go ahead and repeat the same thing on the other side of the meat and go ahead and go right behind the spine.

Make sure you are going to slide the knife in and just try to ease the knife right along your catfish’s bone. Sometimes it is easier to turn your fish upside down to the knife spacing up towards you from the spine. Once you get about down to the adipose fin here you’re just gonna slide the knife all the way.

So it pops out by the ventral fin and then just eases your fin all the way down. Now you will get a nice clean cut. Repeat this step on both sides of your meat.

Then start peeling your catfish’s skin over the rib cage and let your knife work right down the outside of those ribs. Don’t worry about the skin being on but if that bothers you, hold it and slide the knife in and just ease it on down. As a result, the skin from your catfish will get separated and you will have a skinless fillet for freezing. 

Repeat the same thing on the other side of your catfish and store it for a long time in a freezer or put it in a freezer ziploc bag. Then squeeze all of the air out of your ziploc bag and close it off.

Best way to fillet a catfish 

best way to fillet a big catfish

To fillet a catfish, you need one sharp fillet knife and do not forget to see if your catfish has lots of flavor in the skin or not. So ideally, you will not even have to remove the skin of your catfish. But if you want to leave the skin on, you should remove the slime too.

And to remove your catfish’s slime, you will have to scrape its skin right down until there is no slime left. For washing that slime off in the sink, you have to get a dollar knife and just keep sliding back and forth.

Now you will have to cut right along your catfish’s backbone towards the tail fin. In addition, you are going to find some contaminants in the fat which typically would be in your catfish’s belly. Alongside, it will be easier to work with your catfish by leaving its belly and you are to cut right behind the head.

When you get to the rib cage, cut around it and keep working the knife along the bones. Afterwards, go right around your rib cage and break to the tail end along the backbone. Consequently, you will have one completely boneless fillet which is required for washing.

On the other hand, you will get a dark mussel which you are to remove that dark mussel by keeping a thin layer right under your fish’s skin. Right now, you have two nice boneless fish.

Buying Guide

For acquiring a nice electric fillet knife, we must make sure that we are not missing out on any important terms. Such as- handle of knife, materials, size, knife sheath, and so on. For this reason, I am going to show you some essential features that you must look for while purchasing an electric knife for your catfish.

Safety features

While choosing an electric fillet knife, make sure it has all safety features included. Indeed, an anti-slip catfish knife will give a commendable feature of easy grip with its handle. Contrastingly, there are some electric fillet knifes that never let the knives come out unexpectedly.

Again, a knife with cooling or ventilation system plays a great role to cushion an overheating motor’s effects. In the same way, fillet knives with portable storage cases ensure safety while using them.


Fine handle materials is something you must consider as your first priority while purchasing a fillet catfish electric knife. Do not go with the non-conductive materials of handle as they seem difficult to hold. Hence, it will be wiser to opt a fillet knife where an insulated handle is adjusted.

But if you don’t feel comfortable with a vibrating or overheated electric knife, just go with an ergonomic designed electric knife. Here, you will get a non-slip grip and safety features for sure.


Before acquiring a fillet knife, be certain of the type of blade it has. If you are comfortable with a straight edge fillet knife go with that. Or else, a serrated blade can be a cherry on top for you. Similarly, blades that are easy to remove tend to be more convenient while using.

Besides, there are many blades which offer versatility within multiple lengths. Hence, cutting other products than meat will become easier for you.

Some blades made with stainless steel are nowhere even mediocre. Indeed, blades with high-carbon steel last longer than any ordinary fillet knives.

Cordless or corded fillet knife

Although corded fillet knives and cordless fillet knives are advantageous enough, they are different from each other merely.

In particular, cordless fillet knives take the help of batteries to run. Therefore, you will not have to rely on any electric outlet or plugging source. On the other hand, a corded electric fillet knife works after getting plugged in an electric outlet or socket. Or an adapter can be better even for a corded knife. But if you want a powerful electric knife, then corded ones would be a better choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which knife is best for filleting fish?

Here are some best knives for filleting fish-
Bubba Flex
Victorinox Cutlery
Hammer Stahl
Damascus Electric Fillet Knife
WUSTHOF Fillet Knife
DALSTRONG Flexible Knife
Bubba Electric Corded Fillet Knife
Rapala Soft Grip Electric Knife
Global Swedish Fillet Knife
Toadfish Stowaway Electric Knife

#2. Can you use an electric fillet knife on a catfish?

In order to prepare some percussion-cut fillets from a catfish, the best thing you can use is an electric fillet knife. Usually, electric fillet knives are gearings and motors and thus offer an easy cutting of fishes. Alongside, fillet knives help to cut fishes in a click, taking no time at all.

Those who like to prepare catfishes in a larger quantity, can simply rely on an electric fillet knife.

#3. How do you use an electric fish fillet knife?

In order to use an electric fish fillet knife, be sure of their switches. While turning their switch on, you will see, one blade goes forward where the other blade will go backward.

Then make an incision with your knife from a catfish’s up to down in front and simply slide your knife away from the catfish’s body.

4#. How does an electric fillet knife work?

Most commonly, electric fish fillet knives work on cleaning fish. If you see, electric fillet knives have a design of reciprocating saws with two mounted thin blades. You will get to see these blades on both sides of your knife’s handle.
Whenever you turn on a fillet knife, one blade will go forward and another will go backward. This is how you are to use an electric fish fillet knife.

#5. Where are Rapala electric knives made?

Rapala electric knives are made in a greater range in Finland and China. Likewise, Rapala’s company ensures maximum customer’s satisfaction as it provides authentic products with finest quality.

Moreover, Rapala’s brand offers different tools with catalogue, such as- digital scales, mag spring pliers, fishing clippers, and lures.


Fish fillet knives are something that you need to cut catfishes in an accurate way. Not only that, a fillet catfish with electric knife will support you in your fishing trips too. Besides, you should make sure that your knife is sturdy enough throughout. Thus, the best fillet knife for catfish will help you to have a perfect acquisition.

Summing up, you would be helpful if we give you a shortlist from the above products. However, Rapala Deluxe Fillet Knife and BUBBA Li-Ion Electric Knife tend to be the top-leading products in the market. So if you want you can give a look to these two electric knives at first glance. 

Now let us not waste your time on surfing the wrong products and choose your preferable knife right now.

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