Top Solutions for Bosch Dishwasher Not Draining but No Blockage

Bosch dishwasher may stop draining if food particles or debris blocked the drain hose or other parts related to the draining. It can be fixed easily simply by cleaning or clearing the jammed component.

However, it’s a serious concern if your dishwasher not draining but no blockage. It can happen due to faulty or damaged draining systems that need experts’ help to fix. However, you can troubleshoot, inspect, and drain water manually or automatically.

Bosch Dishwasher not draining but no Blockage- Possible Causes

If your bosch dishwasher not draining water due to a clogged water pump or filter, there might be some serious problems occurs. It can be a kinked drain hose, faulty drain pump, or float switch. Below are the details:

Kinked Drain Hose

Kinked Drain Hose

The drain hose connects the disposal to the sink and allows water to discharge after the end of the wash cycle. However, a bent hose can limit water flow and cause the water to back flow into the machine. If so, you can try to straighten the kinked hose to ensure smooth water flow. If it doesn’t work, you have to replace the hose.

Drain Pump Failure

The drain pump’s motor helps drain out water from the tub into the hose. If the motor breaks down or fails, the bosch dishwasher won’t drain at the end of the cycle. If the drain pumps take a longer time to drain water or leave some standing water in the dishwasher, the drain pump is faulty. A damaged drain pump also makes a squealing or humming noise.

To fix the failed motor, you’ll have to seek the aid of a professional. However, you should remove the standing water before hiring an expert. To do so, use a bowl or cup and towels. While inspecting, if the mechanic finds it has no continuity, he’ll replace the pump.

Leak in the Drain Pump

Your bosch dishwasher won’t also drain out due to the leak inside of it. If your dishwasher’s drain pump keeps running even after the end of the cycle, it’s a sign of a dishwasher’s leak. In this case, you have to check the dishwasher for any appliance leaks. If you find any leak part, fix it immediately to avoid expensive repair.

Damaged Float Switch

If your dishwasher not draining and there is no blockage in the drain hose or other component, you can blame the float switch. A damaged or faulty float switch can prevent your bosch dishwasher from draining water completely and causing a water leak.

To inspect the float switch, remove the dishwasher’s bottom rack to get access. Then check the switch for damaged or leaking appliances. If you find the float switch faulty, replace it.

Faulty Inlet Valve

The dishwasher’s inlet valve helps fill the appliance with water to start the washing cycle. But if the inlet valve is stuck in the closed position after the opening, water won’t drain.

It’s a common problem for the bosch dishwasher owners who use the dishwasher more often as it can cause the inlet valve to lack continuity.

You can troubleshoot this issue using a multimeter to see if the continuity is present in the valve. If not, take the aid of an expert mechanic to repair or replace the faulty inlet valve.

The inlet valve and the ball are placed under the filters at the bottom of the bosch dishwasher. If the ball is stuck, it can also prevent your bosch dishwasher from draining out. To inspect this, remove the spray arm, lower rack, and filters. If you find the ball is stuck, replace it.

Greasy sink trap

Though it’s rear, sometimes your bosch dishwasher can stop draining water due to greasy white gunk build up in the sink trap inside of the dishwasher drain hose’s outlet. It’s particularly true for the bosch dishwasher owner who hardly clean their dishwasher. If so, disconnect your bosch dishwasher and blow it out. After that, drain the dishwasher.  

How to Fix a Bosch Dishwasher that isn’t Draining?

How to Fix a Bosch Dishwasher that isn’t Draining

If your bosch dishwasher not draining but has no blockage, work on those potential causes. First of all, check the drain hose for kinks and make sure it is straight. Then make sure the drain pump is functioning properly and all its connections and wirings are okay. If required, replace the pump. You should also inspect the control board to make sure all its components are working properly.

After the quick troubleshooting, if you identify any source of the issue, follow the user manual to repair or replace the damaged components. However, you’ll require enough skill and tools to fix your bosch dishwasher that isn’t draining.

If you are unsure about how to fix the bosch dishwasher”s draining problem, consult with an expert technician. The cost of fixing the bosch dishwasher’s draining problem varies depending on the underlying problem. Repairing a dishwasher that isn’t draining can cost between $50 and $400.

How To Drain A Bosch Dishwasher Manually

How To Drain A Bosch Dishwasher Manually

Follow this process to drain your bosch dishwasher manually:

Prepare the Work Area

Before starting draining out, turn off the dishwasher and remove the power supply from an electric outlet. Gather your required essentials like gloves, a large container, a flashlight, and a towel. Place the towel under the machine to absorb spill-out water.

Remove the Bottom Rack

Pull out and fully open the dishwasher’s door and remove silverware, dishes, or other items from the bottom rack. Find out the release tabs that are usually placed towards the bottom rack’s center. Then press this tab to disengage it to slide out the bottom rack.

Remove the Drain Hose

Check the back of the dishwasher where you should find a thicker plastic or rubber hose that is connected to the dishwasher. After finding the drain hose, place a container near the machine to catch drained water. To remove the hose, loosen its clamp using a pliers or screwdriver.  Once done, empty the hose.

Drain water

Place the hose’s end into the buck to collect water and water spreading into the floor. Remove the standing water from the inside of the dishwasher using a bowl. At a time, you should also look for other water sources like filters or sump areas. If find them, empty them too. Keep collecting water until the flow is stopped through the hose.

Reattach everything

After successfully draining out the whole water, reattach every part that you have detached. Start with reconnecting the drain hose and then re-install the bottom rack. Connect the power supply cord to the electric outlet and turn the power on.

How to Reset Bosch Dishwasher to Drain Automatically

Follow these steps to reset your bosch dishwasher and drain out water automatically:

Open the door of your bosch dishwasher to reveal the button.  If the machine is running, don’t open the door much as it can let the water spray out.

Hold the start button for three seconds to stop the currently programmed cycle on the dishwasher. Some models may notify you by flashing the clean indicator once the dishwasher activates set-up mode.

Then close the door so the dishwasher can start draining water automatically. This will also drain the water that is stuck at the bottom. You may need to wait around 1 minute or more to drain the whole water.

Once done, press the power button to start a new cycle. You may need to press the power button two times to turn on the dishwasher.


What is the error code for Bosch dishwasher not draining?

The Bosch dishwasher shows E24 and E25 error codes due to the draining issue. The E24 refers dishwasher not draining while the E25 indicates a drain issue, blocked drain pump, jammed pump, or clogged filters.

Why is my Bosch spin and drain not draining? 

It can be the result of a clogged drain pump due to the dirt and residue build-up. Use a paper towel to clear the dirt. Then spin the drain pump using your hand and make it spin freely. You may also need to replace the drain pump’s cover if it gets damaged.

How to test the Bosch dishwasher drain pump?

Turn off your dishwasher and get access to the drain pump. Use a multimeter to detect the continuity of the drain pump. If there is no continuity, replace the pump.

Final Words

If your bosch dishwasher not draining due to the blockage, it’s a quite serious concern. Check all the components related to the draining and make sure all are functioning properly. If you can’t inspect the dishwasher or need to replace any faulty parts, hire a licensed technician. However, you can drain the standing water manually or reset the machine to handle the current situation. 

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