Can You Eat Chicken Salad While Pregnant? Is It Risk-free?

Can You Eat Chicken Salad While Pregnant

When well-cooked poultry, including chicken, is good and safe during pregnancy. But there is a significant question: Can you eat chicken salad while pregnant?

The direct answer is that chicken salad isn’t safe for pregnant women made with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is raw food containing bacteria that can make chicken poisoning risky for the unborn child. Otherwise, chicken salad is safe that doesn’t contain mayonnaise or cooked meat. 

There are several types of chicken salad that are safe for pregnant ladies. You can choose anyone if you know how the chicken is risk-free to eat during pregnancy. Enjoy your safer chicken following the secure guideline.

What Is In A Chicken Salad?

Chicken salad is basically prepared combined with various types of raw leafy vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, and processed products. Here chicken is the main ingredient and sometimes add, chicken eggs and mayonnaise.

Many manufacturers prepare Ready To Eat (RTE) chicken salad. They produce their product outside or inside the company and pack them into plastic bowls that are available in the supermarket. 

Some people like to prepare their chicken salad at home. There they can be added varieties of vegetables and fruits without the use of any mayonnaise when the women are pregnant. If you also like to cook your chicken in varieties, you can try the best low potassium chicken recipes besides chicken salad.

Can You Eat Chicken Salad While Pregnant?

Chicken is a amazing source of protein which is great nutrition for pregnant women and unborn babies. Chicken salad is also a healthy meal while you are pregnant. It can be free from raw egg yolk, uncooked chicken or mayonnaise. During pregnancy, raw eggs, mayonnaise, undercooked or processed chicken, and cold chicken.

Though chicken salad can be safe and healthy food to eat for pregnancy, you need to pay attention to the ingredients and quality of what is used. If you also have any doubt about any food to add to your chicken salad during pregnancy, you can avoid it or consult your doctor before eating. 

Is It Safe To Eat Chicken During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Eat Chicken During Pregnancy

Though cooked chicken is healthy for pregnant ladies, there are so many facts that you have to remember while having a chicken salad during pregnancy. 

According to food safety. Gov, USA, ” Don’t eat premade meat salads like deli chicken because it contains the germ listeria that causes serious infections such as Listeriosis.”

According to another research, it has been proved that the raw egg yolk can cause several infections, such as salmonella infection. It is an abdominal infection and can be a serious infection for pregnant womenfolk.

The safety fact also depends on how much heat you use to prepare chicken meat for making the salad. The USDA (United State Department of Agriculture) recommended, “you should heat the chicken until the internal temperature reaches 165˚ F or 74˚ C.  

It is highly advised for pregnant ladies to eat fully cooked chicken meat. As a pregnant woman, you need to skip stored chicken that is canned or pre-packed to consume. Please don’t take a risk adding it to your chicken salad. Don’t include vegetables and fruit that aren’t fresh and not washed properly.

Is Chicken Salad A Healthy Option For Pregnancy Women?

Is Chicken Salad A Healthy Option For Pregnancy Women

Like other foods during pregnancy, the answer to it depends on some matters, for example:

  • The chicken salad is healthy when you make it at home by yourself.
  • Avoid adding mayonnaise if you add fresh leafy vegetables or fruits to your salad. The fresh leaves and fruits will make the salad more nutritious and tasty.
  • You can try lighter dressing instead of heavy cream with higher fat and calories

 if you like.

  • If you like the mayonnaise-style chicken salad and you can try to make it yourself. In this salad, you can skip the mayonnaise and add yoghurt-based dressing. 

Overall, chicken salad can be a healthy, safe, and the great tasty option of chicken for pregnant ladies if the salad makes with nutritious ingredients.  

Chicken Salad Brands That Are Harmful To Pregnancy Women?

Great brands and manufacturers offer chicken salad, but unfortunately, all of them aren’t ideal for pregnant ladies.

Why? Most manufacturers use canned and stored chicken. So, always select the brands which offer freshly prepared chicken salad. Below is a brand’s list to select or avoid:

Costco Chicken salad: Costco salads of chicken are premade salads. They are packaged and stored in their refrigerator, which isn’t safe for pregnant ladies. 

Walmart Meat Chicken Salad: Unluckily, Walmart Deli is premade and pre-packed chicken salad stored in the refrigerator. And stored and premade foods are not advised for pregnant women. 

Chick-fil-A Chicken Salad: This salad sandwich add two servings of vegetables and fruits without fat. They contain 180 and 430 calories. This salad is risk-free because it is prepared freshly in the restaurant. If you want to place an order for it, do it for a fresh salad that is also allowed during pregnancy.

Panera Bread: They also refrigerate all their ingredients for the salad, which isn’t safe for pregnant ladies. So, you need to avoid them. 

Finally, if you want to consume chicken salad during pregnancy, you should prepare it at home. You must add fresh vegetables and fruits with cooked chicken to this type of salad. 

Nutrition Value Of Chicken Salad

Nutrition Value Of Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is full of protein and rich food that contains all essential amino acids with numerous amounts of vitamins. All of them are the best combination that is significant during pregnancy. 

A developing unborn baby needs complete nutrition, as we have mentioned above. So, select the food very carefully that contains a nutritional strategy. 

Calories: Chicken salad has 400+ calories, and other vegetables, fruits, and sandwiches have more than 200 calories. So, total salad can offer 600+ calories preservation. It also provides up to 20 grams of fats essential for growing a baby in a mother’s womb. 

Protein: If you want to increase the nutritional value of your chicken salad, you can add edible boiled seeds like kidney beans. 100-gram beans with 24 grams of protein fully fill pregnant ladies’ protein needs. 

Iron: Chicken salad also contains 6% Vitamin A and 10% iron of your Daily Value. They are the other most important components for the unborn growing baby. During pregnancy, the woman’s body needs to increase its blood volume. Iron helps to make blood in your body and helps your baby to receive essential oxygen. 

Omega-3 & 6: Chicken breast meat contains omega 3 & 6. But regular breast meat without skin can supply 40 mg to 140 mg separately. On the other hand, chicken breast with skin offers 120mg to 170mg of omega 3 & omega 6 individually.  

So, prepare fresh chicken salad and enjoy it smoothly during your pregnancy.  

How To Make Healthier Chicken Salad During Pregnancy?

If you are thinking of making a healthier and great-tasting chicken salad during pregnancy, you should add some healthy ingredients. 


-Avocado: It is a great source of good fats that performs well to keep you feeling fulfilled for a long time.

-Beans: This ingredient is full of protein and fibre, and both of them are significant in pregnancy. 

-Spinach:  For sufficient vitamins and minerals, it is the best source that also includes folate. It needs improvement in your baby’s neural tube.

-Sweet Potatoes: This vegetable is rich in vitamins A & C with fibre. 

So, if you are searching for a nutritious chicken salad that can be satisfying while you are pregnant, you should add the above healthy ingredients.  

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What Foods Are Allowed for Pregnant Women?

Raw, uncooked, unwashed, and contaminated sea foods are not good during pregnancy. Raw seafood contains viruses and bacteria. So, avoid uncooked seafood; you should skip undercooked foods like sushi, ceviche, scallops, and clams. 

#2. Can You Consume Canned Chicken Salad In Pregnancy?

 In most of the research, experts suggested that pregnant ladies avoid canned chicken salad. But you can eat it if you confirm that the canned salad is fresh and even safe to eat.   

#3. Is It Safe To Eat mayonnaise While Pregnant?

It is safe to skip mayonnaise made from raw eggs or undercooked ingredients. Some commercial mayonnaise is made in the supermarket with pasteurized eggs. And they are safe to it while you are pregnant. 

#4. What Fruits Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

All fruits aren’t good in pregnancy. For this, you should skip eating specific fruits like: pineapple, papaya, grapes, frozen barriers, canned tomatoes, and all frozen fruits.

#5. What Fruits are the best During Pregnancy?

Most fresh fruits are healthy for pregnant women; they can eat fruits like oranges, mangoes, lemons, avocados, bananas, fresh berries, apples, pears, and so on.  

Wrapping Up!

Chicken salad is healthy food, undoubtedly. But can you eat chicken salad while pregnant? Yes, you can eat this salad during your pregnancy time. Before having it, you should ensure that you add fresh and cooked chicken to your salad. 

If you can prepare it in your kitchen following our safety guidelines, we hope you can easily eat a fresh and tasty chicken salad at home. 

If you want, you can consult your doctor to receive details about this salad and other foods chart during your pregnancy. 

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