Salad Cream Vs Miracle Whip : What are the differences?

salad cream Vs miracle whip

Till now, salad cream and miracle whip have been the famous salad dressings that we get to see in most foods. Nevertheless, these two salad dressings carry some differences. Especially the chefs go through the concepts like salad cream Vs miracle whip in order to classify the dressings.

If you see, the salad cream is pourable, but the miracle whip is not so pourable. The reason is, salad cream is not so thick, whereas the miracle whip is extremely thick. 

On the other hand, salad cream is made with fewer ingredients and the miracle whip is made with more than 20 ingredients.

 In terms of taste, salad cream is quite sharper and less sweet. Conversely, the miracle whip contains high sugar and tastes sweeter.

This is not all. There are a lot more comparisons between the salad cream and miracle whip. To know about them precisely, have a look at the below concept.

Salad Cream Vs Miracle Whip: Comparison chart

FeaturesSalad CreamMiracle Whip
ThicknessLess thickMuch thick
ColorPale yellowOff-white
TasteSharper and less sweetSweet
IngredientsMustard, sugar, butter, cream or milk, eggs, vinegar, and spices.Dried garlic, spice, potassium sorbate, mustard flour, natural flavor, salt, eggs, modified corn starch, vinegar, high-fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, and water.
HealthyHealthyLess healthy
Amount of oilModerateLess

Salad Cream Vs Miracle Whip: What are the differences?

While judging the differences between salad cream and miracle whip, you need to determine their color first. This technique is for those who do not have the idea of what a salad cream and miracle whip looks like. Anyways, salad cream looks pale yellow in color, and a miracle whip looks off-white in color.

Another factor that makes a mere difference between salad cream and miracle whip is their thickness. If you see, the thickness of salad cream is like sauce or ketchup. Moreover, a salad cream is pourable and may leave some bangs after pouring. 

On the other hand, the miracle whip is very thick and not purable at all. After making a miracle whip, it will give an appearance of ice cream as it does not show a liquid texture.

One of the main reasons why miracle whip is thicker than salad cream is its ingredients. In order to prepare a salad cream you will require less ingredients, whereas miracle whip requires more than 20 ingredients.

 Because of containing so many ingredients together, miracle whip comes with a thick texture. Compared to it, salad cream does not come with such a thick texture, but thicker than water, i.e. like a sauce.

Salad Cream

salad cream ingredients

With seasonings, vegetable oil, etc salad cream offers a tangy dressing on sandwiches and salads. Also, you can use it on a variety of food sauce and egg dishes.

Usually, the salad cream plays a great role to add a healthier taste into foods. Indeed, this mixture has its own specifications too. To know what they are, give a look below:


The condiment on salad cream has an emulsion of 25 to 50 percent oil in water. Besides, the egg yolk is being emulsified in this cream where you can see an acidulation of vinegar. One thing that may annoy you about the salad cream is its taste. In a salad cream’s recipe, you will see very less amount of sugar which makes its taste sharper.


Indeed, the taste of salad cream is quite sharper and less sweet. Salad cream is generally made with some specific ingredients. Like- mustard, sugar, butter, cream or milk, eggs, vinegar, and spices. Maybe it would be a mediocre choice for those people who like tastier foods as salad cream is not sweet at all. But that does not mean salad cream is totally bland. Now and then, it levels up the taste of salad with a convenient taste into foods.


Although salad cream is a less thick salad dressing, it keeps its consistency every time. You can easily pour it into your salads, sandwich, or shawarma to add their taste a bit more.

Maintaining a creamy consistency, the salad cream tends to be pale yellow in color like a boiled dressing sauce. 


Compared to mayonnaise or miracle whip, salad cream is less thicker. In fact, its thickness is like a bottled salad dressing or a thick pouring cream. However, the salad cream is thick enough that you see some bangs left on the bottom after pouring it.

We all know what ketchup or sauce looks like. They are not so thick, but not like water either. Besides, they are pourable and get mixed in one appliance. In the same way, salad cream is also pourable and has the similar thickness like ketchup.


Salad cream has an emulsion of 25 to 50 percent oil for which the condiment looks pale yellow in color. Also, the egg yolk and spirit vinegar plays a great role to make this salad cream look yellow. However, the ingredients are the main reason of conveying the color of a salad dressing.

 So yeah, those who were confused about the color of salad cream, they can now easily identify it.

History of salad cream

Salad cream was first introduced in 1914, in the United Kingdom. It was like a ready-made commercial product when it first emerged in the market. Firstly, this salad cream was used as a sandwich spread and salad dressing. Afterwards, this salad cream got much popularity and people are now using it in almost all convenient foods.

Miracle Whip

why is miracle whip so expensive

Like salad cream, miracle whip is also a commendable salad dressing. The main difference between a salad cream and miracle whip is their thickness and taste. Not only that, this concept will give you more idea about the comparisons of these two salad dressing.

Well, miracle whip is another version of mayonnaise. Yet, there are some factors that make a miracle whip different from other creams. Let’s see what they are:


Nevertheless, the miracle whip is made with lots of ingredients. Like- dried garlic, spice, potassium sorbate, mustard flour, natural flavor, salt, eggs, modified corn starch, vinegar, high-fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, and water.

 Anyways, the amount of soybean oil is very less in miracle whip. For this reason, you will find almost no calories in it. For now, the above ingredients are just those ones which are used most commonly. Yet, there are more than 20 ingredients used in a miracle whip but all of them are unknown.


One of the main reasons why miracle whip is so popular is because of its taste. I am even a fan of miracle whip as it boosts up the taste of food two times more.

Miracle whip has a much sweeter taste than mayonnaise. Besides, the miracle whip contains less oil which minimises the amount of calories in it. The added corn syrup in this whip is another reason to have a sweet taste.


No doubt, miracle whip is a less calorie option for consumers. As said before, miracle whip contains very less oil and can be termed as a fat-free cream. And when a salad dressing comes after being cooked, that tends to be healthier.

So yeah, miracle whip is definitely a healthy salad dressing as it comes after being cooked as well. However, miracle whip may not be the healthier for all folks, especially those who have problems with sugar. Miracle whip contains a very high amount of sugar which may give a side effect to us uncertainly. But as a less oil salad dressing, it is nowhere inferior for us.


In terms of thickness, the miracle whip always stands at first. The reason is, there are more than 20 spicy ingredients in a miracle whip. Hence, it is inevitable that this salad dressing will have more thickness. Mostly, a miracle whip looks like an ice cream as it has no liquid texture. Alongside, the miracle whip is not pourable at all. You will need a spoon to take an amount of miracle whip to apply in your sandwich, salad, and so on.


A miracle whip is none other than a whipped condiment or a tangler mayonnaise. It actually looks off-white in color and the word “whip” refers to a crack game to it. Alongside, I have said before that the ingredients are the main reason for the color of a salad dressing.

So if you don’t know the actual color of a miracle whip, this section is for them.

History of miracle whip

Since a long time, miracle whip has been a famous condiment for salads, vegetables, and fruits. In 1933, the Century of Progress in Chicago first invented this miracle whip.

 Anyways, in an advertising campaign of Kraft, Miracle whip has been outselling various mayonnaise brands. Afterwards, Kraft used an emulsifying machine to blend mayonnaise.

 Indeed, this machine dubbs the miracle whip with its 20 different species for blending thoroughly. This is how the usage of the miracle whip got famous all over.

Salad Cream Vs Miracle Whip: Head to head comparisons

miracle whip vs salad cream

So far, we got to know about salad cream and miracle whip separately. It is quite inevitable that both salad cream and miracle whip are commendable mixtures as a salad dressing. But what makes these two different from each other? To know about it, I have noted some head to head comparisons for you.


Well, salad cream is obviously a healthy salad dressing. It contains all those essential ingredients that most salad dressing has. Compared to salad cream, miracle whip is healthier. The reason is, miracle whip contains little amount of vegetable oil. So it is inevitable that the miracle whip contains less fat. Those who count on calories and want to keep themselves fit and fine, they should try out the miracle whip.


Foodie people usually thrive for tasty foods and cannot compromise with sharp taste foods. In that case, salad cream may not be the perfect option. Because, salad cream comes with less sugar and is very sharp in taste. Those who look for sweetness, may not like the salad cream as a salad dressing.

On the contrary, miracle whip is amazing in taste and healthy too. The amount of sugar and fructose is high here which increases its taste. Besides, your foods will get something which will be a cherry on top for you with this miracle whip.

Thick texture

As said before, salad cream is not a thick salad dressing. In fact, it is pourable, and gets mixed with foods instantly. Yet, you will see some bangs after pouring all the salad cream. Just like a boiled dressing sauce, you can use this salad dressing all over your salad.

Comparably, miracle whip is very thick and looks more like ice-cream. However, it is not pourable and maintains a consistency of thickness. If you don’t want a thick texture from your salad dressing, salad cream would be a perfect choice for you. But if you want a thicker texture in your salad, I would recommend miracle whip for you.


Well, the total amount of fat in both salad cream and miracle whip is the same. Salad cream has 3.5g of total fat, whereas the miracle whip also has 3.5g of total fat. But in terms of saturated fat, salad cream and miracle whip are not the same. If you see, one spoon of salad cream contains 0.3g of saturated fats. Contrastingly, the miracle whip has 0.5g of saturated fat when it comes in one spoon. Nonetheless, the amount of trans fat in both salad cream and miracle whip is the same, i.e. 0g.

Nutrients value of Salad Cream and Miracle Whip

NutrientsSalad CreamMiracle Whip
Total fat3.5g3.5g
Cholesterol5 mgMore than 5mg
Total carbohydrate3g2g
Dietary fiber0g0g

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. For how many days can you use salad cream?

It is better to consume salad cream within 8 weeks after opening. However, a salad cream works like a sauce or salad dressing to add a healthier texture in foods. Since its ingredients contain egg, milk and other delicate items, it would not be relevant to store your salad cream for a long duration. Try to use your salad cream as a salad dressing in salads and other convenient food items within2 months.

#2. When should you discard your salad cream?

Well, there is a limited time to use salad cream. But if you notice the difference of getting rotted, discard it that time. Now the question is how to identify if your salad cream should be discarded or not. To do so, smell your salad cream. If you feel any bad odors, see any mold, or different appearance, discard it right there. Therefore, your health will not experience any deterioration either.

#3. Can I use a miracle whip after its expiration date?

In order to stay safe and sound, consumers should invalidate using a product that passes its expiration date. Anyways, a miracle whip maintains the consistency even after its expiration date, but for a limited time. After doing lots of experiments, it has been found that a miracle whip can last 1 week more after its expiration date.

#4. Is the miracle whip very gross?

Miracle whip is sweet in taste and contains a higher amount of sugar. Alongside, the fructose corn syrup in the miracle whip is very high which makes it very gross. And we know, a high amount of fructose is sometimes harmful for our body.


Hopefully, you got a prescribed idea about the salad cream and miracle whip. In the battle of salad cream Vs miracle whip, there is no clear winner. If you see, the salad cream is less thicker and pourable. Yet, you will get to see a few bangs after pouring the salad cream. On the flip side, miracle whip is a thicker salad dressing. It mostly looks like an ice cream with a thick liquid texture.

Simultaneously, salad cream does not taste sweet, in fact it has a sharper taste and less sugar. Contrastingly, miracle whip contains high amounts of sugar and tastes very sweet. Other than that, there is very little vegetable oil in this salad dressing which is great for the health-conscious people. 

All being well, try out the salad dressing that suits your preferences. And let us know which one you liked.

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