Best Honey Badger Knife Buying Guide 2023

honey badger knife review

Many of us are facing a lot of trouble choosing a convenient knife. If the knife is sharp, the size tends to be small. Or if size is perfect, sharpness is not fine. But it doesn’t mean there are no such knives in the market. If you go through a honey badger knife guide , you can surely affiliate your requirements.

Those who are thinking of purchasing such a knife, this article is for them. On a note, each product here refers to western active honey badger guide. Since all the products are mostly the same, you will not need to focus on their unique features.

But yes, their blade length, overall length, and closed length vary from each other.

Now the question is, how to judge the best honey badger knife. Well, none of them are different from each other. Their only differences are their color and length. Length is already mentioned along with the products. And to see the picture of colors, just click on the product links.

Top 7 Honey Badger Knife Buying Guide

1. Honey Badger Pocket Knife

honey badger drop point knife review

As a small honey badger knife, this product stands out in all terms. Anyways, honey badger’s small pocket knife weighs only 84 grams with an overall length of 185mm. Again, its closed length and blade length are 104mm and 81mm. So there is no doubt that the honey badger small knife can fit into anyone’s pocket. 

Getting a non-slip grip from a honey badger knife is inevitable for us. The reason is, its grip is made from nylon, i.e. fibre reinforced and a unique pattern of Honeycomb hexagonal. 


Since a honey badger pocket knife has a smooth flipper opening, its action will also be incredible. Within a low price, Small Badger Knife provides deep carry pocket clip, lightweight comfortable carry, and ambidextrous right left hand support.

Excellent EDC

In essence, Honey Badger Small Knife works like an ultimate tactical knife with its clip. Also, there is a liner lock and flipper tab which ensures effortless opening and closing.

Right/left handed

Because of the pocket clip in Small Badger Knife, you can switch it around from left to right in order to carry it conveniently. Also it contains 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel which provides excellent corrosion and rust resistance.


Using a Small Badger Knife can give you numerous applications. For instance, this knife can be used as utility knife, tactical knife, hunting knife, outdoor knife combat knife, military knife, and so on.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Can fit into any pocket
  • Offers a smooth flipping action
  • Works like an ultimate tactical knife
  • Gives effortless openings and closings


  • Cannot cut precisely sometimes

2. Western Active Pocket Knife

western active honey badger review

For a fine honey badger knife medium, Western Active’s knife is the best. Well, this product can be referred to as 2.81″ Honey Badger Knife. The reason is, Western Active Pocket has a length of 2.81″ and an overall length of 3.7″. Other than that, the 2.8″ Western Active Knife weighs only 73 grams. Therefore, carrying it anywhere will be a cakewalk for you.

As the 2.8″ honey badger knife is made with Fibre Reinforced Nylon, you will get a comfortable grip here. Again, its Honeycomb hexagonal pattern plays a great role in giving a non-slip grip.


Overall, 2.8″ Western Active Knife prevails different sorts of carries. Like- deep carry pocket clip, comfortable and lightweight carry. And in terms of convenience, the 2.8″ badger knife gives ambidextrous right left hand support.


There are 18 signature roller bearings in this honey badger’s knife. And with these objects  a smooth action is bound to happen in Western Active Knife.

EDC folding

Because of being an EDC folding knife, Honey Badger will serve you for a long time. Also, you can do all heavy-duty tasks since 2.8″ Knife owns an ergonomic design.

Multiple uses

Western Active’s Knife is not only usable as a folding knife, but also usable as army knife, utility knife, tactical knife, hunting knife, combat knife, and so on.


  • Provides a non-slip grip
  • Perfectly fits into pockets
  • Ensures a smooth action every time
  • Price is reasonable
  • Lightweight and convenient


  • Requires more pressure to open

3. Honey Badger Point Pocket Knife

best drop point knife

If you want the best drop point knife, nothing can be better than a Honey Badger Point Pocket Knife. Especially for survival camping and outdoor uses, Honey Badger Point Knife works like magic. However, you can call it a 3.63″ Knife because of its length. Likewise, its overall length is 8.25″ and closed length is 4.6″. 

Well, this product is a little heavier than other products, i.e. 108g. Still you can fit it into your hands and pockets easily. Moreover, a non-slip grip is apparent here because of the Fibre Reinforced Nylon. And with the Honeycomb hexagonal pattern this knife will stick to your hand till you are using it.

Roller bearings

Like any top-class folding knife, Honey Badger Pocket Knife contains 18 roller bearings. Thus, you will find an enhanced reliability, longer service life, low friction, etc. Furthermore, Honey Badger Point Knife keeps its shaft alignment accurate all the time.

Flipper tab

Now and then, Honey Badger Pocket Knife creates a better leverage for us with its flipper tab. Additionally, your opening and closing actions will be fast and smoother because of this feature.

Liner lock

From now on, you can close your knife by switching your grip. Because, Honey Badger Point Knife comes with a liner clock which will give you that facility.


  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Gives numerous applications in usage
  • Comes with 10 years of warranty
  • Great for cutlery, tuff gear, bug out bag, etc
  • Delivers an amazing EDC folding


  • Liner clock tends to be disengaging

4. Western Active EDC Pocket Knife

best western active knives

Western Active EDC Pocket Knife is one of the best western active knives you can ever have. Alongside, you can refer to it as a large honey badger knife too. Anyways, its blade length is 3.63″, closed length is 4.6″, and overall length is 8.25″. 

Due to having 18 signature roller bearings, Western Active EDC gives enough smoothness in every use. Besides, a comfortable and lightweight carry will always be there with you. And within a low price, the 3.63″ knife offers ambidextrous support as well. 

Stainless steel

3.63″ Hand Badger Knife includes a blade that is made from 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel. Hence, this knife will always stay away from corrosions and rusts.

Non-slip grip

Nevertheless, the Fibre Reinforced Nylon of 3.63″ Badger Knife ensures a non-slip grip in every use. Moreover, you will see here a Honeycomb hexagonal pattern which also plays a role in giving a grip.


Well, the Western Active EDC Knife will give you 10 years of warranty. Likewise, you will get commendable service and a scope to gift your friends. 

Everyday carry

Using this EDC folding knife for any task will not be a matter at all. It can be simply used as a camping knife, army knife, utility knife, tactical knife, outdoor knife, combat knife, and many more.


  • Fits into hands and pockets perfectly
  • Ensures a comfortable carry
  • Works commendable as a folding knife
  • Is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Quality is up to the mark
  • Sharpness is incredible


  • Back edge is not as smooth as expected

5. Honey Badger Folding Knife

best western active knives

The 2.81″ Stainless Steel Folding Knife has got a fine western active honey badger guide . All being well, Western Active’s 2.81″ knife gives an effortless flipper opening action. Regardless, the comfortable and lightweight carry of Honey Badger Knife will make your utilization much easier. 

The 2.81″ Folding knife not only comes with a low price, but also offers a deep carry pocket clip. Henceforth, you can keep your knife safe and sound in your pocket. 


Accumulating a length of 2.81″, this knife is known as a 2.81″ Folding Knife. Again, it’s closed length and overall length are 3.7″ and 6.54″. 


Since the 2.81″ Knife has a Honeycomb hexagonal pattern and Fibre Reinforced Nylon, it will not lose its grip.

Everyday use

Indeed, users can use Honey Badger Folding Knives as their daily need. The reason is, 2.81″ Stainless Steel Knife provides comfortable and lightweight carry. Alongside, you will get here a flawless flipper opening action as well.

Stainless steel

With a blade of 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel, Honey Badger Point Knife keeps the entire object safe from corrosions and rusts. Also, you will be able to switch its pocket clip to carry on any hand.


  • Makes hand movements more intuitive
  • Secures a smooth opening
  • A nice object to gift men and women
  • Small and lightweight
  • Offers a flawless EDC folding
  • A true value for money


  • Becomes gaudy if not sharpened

6. Western Active Folding Knife

western active knives

This Drop Point Knife is none other than an effective Stainless Steel Blade. Within a low price, Western Active Folding Knife will give you a smooth opening action every time. Besides, the deep carry pocket clip will allow this knife to sit securely in pockets.

And the support you will get here is ambidextrous for both left and right hand.

For an improved grip, Western Active Knife comes with an ergonomic thumb hole. In contrast, the Honeycomb hexagonal pattern and Fibre Reinforced Nylon will give you the basic grip for sure. 


Unquestionably, this 2.81″ Stainless Steel Knife works like an ultimate tactical knife. On the other hand, it holds a capability of EDC folding with a liner lock and flipper tab. Thus, you will not have to switch your grip to close this knife. Before that, the flipper tab will allow an easy opening too.


There are a lot of applications that can be done with a 2.81″ Honey Badger Knife. Such as- cutlery, tuff gear, bug out bag, and many more.


Western Active’s Small Knife 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel material on its blade. And the entire mechanism is more like a Ball bearing flipper opening.


Particularly, Western Active’s 2.81″ Knife would be a great substitute to gift men and women. As it is a small pocket knife, anyone would feel comfortable using it.


  • Best for everyday carry
  • Gives no hindrances in customizing
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • One of the most ergonomic knives
  • Comfortable and pocketable
  • The choil is large enough to accommodate


  • Consistency is not seen every time

7. Honey Badger Utility Knife

honey badger knife medium

Honey Badger Utility Knife is quite larger than other blades. Its overall length is 8.25″, blade length is 3.63″, and closed length is 4.6″. And, the weight of this Honey Badger Knife is only 113 grams. Though its weight is quite more than other badger knives, it is not so heavier either. 

In addition, the 3.63″ Utility Knife can fit into anyone’s pocket perfectly. Yet, you will get here a firm grip with its Honeycomb hexagonal pattern and Fibre Reinforced Nylon. Therefore, Honey Badger Utility Knives will not slip from your hands so easily.


In 3.63″ Utility Knife’s pivot you will find 18 roller bearings which provides a smooth action. Firstly, you can open this object smoothly with its flipper tab. Then, the liner lock will help you to make a smooth closing in a click.


Because of having a deep carry pocket clip, Honey Badger Knife remains secured in pockets. 


Being a multitool knife, 3.63″ Stainless Steel Blade provides multiple applications. Such as- cutlery, tuff gear, and bug out bag. 


From South Africa, this Western Active Knife comes with a beautiful designation. Other than that, the 3.63″ Knife gives 10 years of warranty as well.


As Honey Badger Knives contain 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel, the 3.63″ Western Active Knife also has so. Thereupon, it will remain away from corrosions and rusts throughout.


  • Comes with a sharp blade
  • Can be used as everyday carry
  • Ball bearings are quick and smooth
  • Razor sharpness is amazing
  • Fits well in all hands
  • Holds sharpness for a long time


  • Presents odd stains frequently

Buying Guide

Most of us do not know how to judge the right knife at first glance. The newbie buyers especially face a lot of troubles regarding it. If you are one of them, go through the below buying guide to make a worthy acquisition.


badger knife

First thing first, you will have to decide whether you want a modern style blade or a traditional style blade. However, the traditional pocket knives are made with varnished wood and heavy handles. Besides, traditional pocket knives contain metal and are thickly sharpened. 

On the flipping side, modern style blades have different metals and different styles. If you want your blade to stand out and convey unique results, modern style knives are the best. 


drop point knife

There are some common blades that are best for on-the-go uses. Such as- tanto point, drop point knife, clip point. Particularly, these blades are not only strong, but also versatile in performance. But for specialized uses, like- fishing and hunting, nothing can be better than a spear point knife.

No matter which blade you choose, just make sure to sharpen it everytime. 


honey badger knife

While choosing a honey badger knife, see if its handle gives you a firm grip or not. And if the handle slips after cutting or stabbing, that object is not perfect for you. 

By having a nice handle, your knife will hardly face any blisters or wears.


Weight of a pocket knife indicates its usability. All in all, a heavy blade is never comfortable to cut. Whereas, a very lightweight blade cannot cut precisely. So it will be better if you buy a seperate sheath to attach in your belt instead of carrying a heavy knife in your pocket.


It is inevitable that the price of a high-quality knife is high. Similarly, the price varies according to a knife’s material, handle, design, brand, and so on. If quality matters to you a lot, be ready to spend a higher amount on your badger knife.

What Is A Honey Badger Knife?

What Is A Honey Badger Knife

Honey Badger Knives are none other than EDC knives. First thing first, we have to affiliate with its materials. Anyways, all honey badger knives are made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. Furthermore, you will see a company logo which is attached with the scales.

Nonetheless, Honey Badger Knives are apparently made in Johannesburg, South Africa. In essence, Honey Badger Knives are also known as Western Active Knives. The reason is, Western Active owns honey badger knives.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly pocket knife, honey badger will be the best for you. Moreover, you can take these knives anywhere you want because of its ergonomic design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the smallest knife?

Small and tiny knives can also be referred to as pocket knives. Anyways, pocket knives with extreme sharpness are hard to find. Still, there is a great tactic available with a very small measurement. Nonetheless, the B-2 Bomber Nano Blade is the lightest pocket knife you can ever have.

Not only that, B-2 Bomber Nano Blade tends to be the smallest tactical knife created by mankind ever. 

#2. Are honey badger knives good?

Although honey badger knives have rough fits and finishes, they are good knives overall. In the same way, honey badger knives’ most common rating is 4.0 out of 5 stars. If you see, a honey badger knife takes some time to hold its edge with a D2 steel.

On the other hand, a honey badger’s fit and finish tends to be 6 out of 10 as its blade is extremely sharp.

#3. Who makes honey badger knives?

No doubt, Honey Badger Knives is now an exciting brand. The reason is, honey badger knives contain top-quality manufacturing and excellent design. Anyways, the Western Active of the USA makes honey badger knives.

Long years ago, the knife enthusiasts found this Western Active by putting all their interests. 

#4. Where are honey badger knives made?

Honey Badger Knives have a nice catalogue with a specific design. And this design of Honey Badger Knives is actually fabricated in South Africa. Again, the manufacturing of honey badge knives is being done in China with the best facilities. So yeah, honey badger knives are made in China.


Summing up, we got to know enough about some amazing honey badger knives. Still, the best honey badger knife buying guide can meet your whole contentment. As mentioned before, all the products above are almost the same. Only what that differ is their length and color. 

If you have any requirements of color or length, you have ample options for that. But if you want some different features in a western active knife, that is not possible. The reason is, all honey badger knives have exactly the same features. 

So, just focus on their length and color details to get your ideal knife in your hand.

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