Top 5 Best Miyabi Mizu 2023

Miyabi mizu review

Did you know Miyabi knives use Japanese steel bases made in Seiki, Japan? It’s pretty cool, right! Whenever you use a Miyabi knife, you know you are using a fine Japanese blade! Miyabi is getting popular in the Cutlery industry in the west.

It is a brand of Zwilling J.A. Henckels, a giant knife-making brand based on Germen. They are famous for their western-style cutlery. Now, the company is trying to cause a stir in Eastern-style knives through Miyabi. 

They have fine Japanese steel as their knife base and then furnish them with different blades. They use different handle styles to make them suitable for various hands. In this article, I will discuss the best Miyabi series knives.

You will learn how they design them, their aspects, and their price points. With this Miyabi mizu buying guide , you’ll eventually know which knife is best for you.  

Top 5 Miyabi Mizu Knife Buying Guide

01. Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knife

Miyabi mizu sg2 8 chef's knife

Miyabi mizu SG2 Chef’s knife is an 8 inches knife that you can use for various purposes. You can chop, mince, dice and slice your meats and vegetables with it. Miyabi mizu sg2 8 chef’s knife has a Tsuchime method and has 3-layers of SG2 steel and a hammered finish look. The blade comes in such a way that makes the knife twice as sharp. The blade is very flexible and corrosion-resistant. 

With our Miyabi mizu sg2 chefs knives buying guide , you will know how good this knife is. 


Steel Hardness 

While buying a kitchen knife, your goal is to select one with 63 Rockwell hardness. This knife steel has 63 Rockwell hardness. Moreover, an ice-hardening process called Cryodur takes the steel property to a maximum level.   

Blade Angle

The knife has a traditional Japanese blade and it gives a finely honed performance. It will provide a 9 to 12-degree angle so that you can work quite comfortably with it. 

D-shaped Handle 

It comes with a Micarta D-shaped handle. It has a mosaic accent, red spacers, and a metal logo all over the handle. 


  • Very sharp and agile knife.
  • Excellent cutting angle. 
  • You can hold it very comfortably.


  • The blade is a bit pointy.

02. Miyabi Mizu SG2 Kiritsuke Knife

Miyabi chef knife review

It is another excellent knife from Miyabi. It has Japanese craftsmanship in it. Miyabi has used traditional and innovative methods to make this knife. Its micro carbide SG2 stainless steel core is windy with Damascus finish steel.

Its blade gives excellent retention and flexibility. Its corrosion-resisted blade makes the knife last for a long time. This 9-inch Miyabi Chef’s knife comes with a D-shaped Micarta handle in it. 

It is a very balanced one. Let’s look at this Miyabi chef knife guide for better understanding. 


Superior Body

The knife has a premium micro-carbide powder SG2 stainless steel body. It has another layer of hammered Damascus finish steel coat on it. 

An Excellent Blade

The blade of this knife features excellent hardness, a must-have feature for a kitchen knife. Moreover, the Cryodur heat treatment process with ice-hardening results makes this blade extraordinarily superior. 

Traditional Japanese Blade 

The blade features the traditional Honbazuke sharpening method, a centuries-old Japanese sword-making process. It has a sharp razor that gives a 12 degree double bevel edge. 

D-shaped Handle

This knife has a D-shaped Micarta handle. Bolster with a metal cap makes it very comfortable and easy to hold. Besides, the handle has decorative mosaics and a metal logo in it. 


  • The 9-inch knife is very comfortable to hold and easy to control. 
  • It uses 1000 years old samurai sword-making techniques. 
  • The blade has superior edge retention and a sharp razor. 
  • Its decorative handle looks pretty good.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • It is an advanced type of knife for most people. 

03. Miyabi Mizu SG2 Paring Knife

Miyabi sg2

A paring knife is a must-have item for your kitchen. Among other Mizu knives, this 3.5 inches is the smallest one. We know; the smaller the size is, the easier it is to use them. Like other Miyabi sg2 knives, it also has a stainless steel body. It has high-quality materials in its handle. 


High-Quality Body Material

The knife features high-quality and premium micro carbide powder stainless steel that forges with a Tsuchime finish. So, these are very sturdy and durable.

Rockwell Hardness Rating Blade

For a kitchen knife, it is a must to have a high 63 Rockwell Hardness rating. Miyabi uses ice-hardening techniques that give the blade this high Rockwell hardness rating. Plus, they use a heat treatment process to make the blade.  

Honbazuke Sharpening Method 

This Miyabi mizu sg2 knife features a traditional Honbazuke sharpening method. It is a conventional Japanese Samurai sword-making method that is originally from Japan. It is a 3 step process that makes the blade very sharp and produces a 12 degree double bevel edge. 

Decorative Handle 

The Micarta D-shaped handle has decorative mosaic designs in it. There is a metal logo carved on the handle. Besides, it has a bolster and metal cap so that you can hold it quite comfortably. 


  • Sharpest paring knife from Miyabi. 
  • Lightweight and easy to balance. 
  • The blade is mirror polished and meticulously crafted. 
  • Standard Rockwell Hardness rating


  • It is a small knife. 

04. Miyabi Mizu SG2 Utility Knife

Miyabi knife set

It is another excellent addition to the Miyabi knife set. It is a 5-inch utility knife you should have in your kitchen. This utility knife is longer than a paring knife and narrower than Miyabi mizu sg2 chef’s knives. You can cut fruits, tender meats and bread with it. Miyabi uses high quality and premium materials to make this knife.  


Premium Body Material

It has premium and high-quality micro carbide powder stainless steel that forges with a Damascus finish. Double coating stainless steel makes the body strong and durable. 

High Rating Blade

Your kitchen knife must have a Rockwell Hardness rating of 63. This knife features ice-hardening techniques that give the blade a 63 Rockwell hardness rating. Besides, it uses a heat treatment process to make the blade sharp. 

Traditional Japanese Sharpening Method 

The knife features the Honbazuke sharpening method- a conventional Japanese Samurai sword-making process; it’s 1000 years old. It makes the blade sharp in three steps. It has a 12 degree double bevel edge.

Micarta D-shaped Handle 

The knife has a Micarta D-shaped handle with decorative mosaic designs in it. It has a metal logo carved on the handle. Besides, because of its bolster and metal cap, you can hold it quite comfortably. 


  • It is a very sharp utility knife. 
  • It is perfect for medium size fruits and vegetables. 
  • Micro-carbide Powder SG2 Stainless Steel body.  
  • Honbazuke sharpening method to make the blade. 
  • It has a 12 degree double bevel edge.    


  • You might struggle a bit to cut large fruits.

05. Miyabi Mizu SG2 Slicing Knife

chef’s knife 8-inch

Slicing knives are like carving ones. They have long but thin blades. Some slicing knives have pointy tips and some have round ones. This Miyabi slicing knife is 9.5 inches long. It is made with SG2 stainless steel materials.

It is longer than a Miyabi chef’s knife 8-inch. But it has thinner blades. You can use it to cut roast slices, thinner fruits and vegetables. 


Stainless Steel Body Material

The knife has a premium and high-quality micro carbide powder stainless steel body. It forges with a Damascus finish for better look. It has a double coating that allows the body to last long.   

Very Sharp Blade 

This knife uses ice-hardening techniques that give the blade a 63 Rockwell hardness rating. So, you know this is a hard blade. It goes through a heat treatment process that makes the blade sharp. 

Sharpening Method 

Miyabi uses a Honbazuke sharpening method for this knife. It is a conventional Japanese Samurai sword-making process and it’s 1000 years old. It makes the blade sharp in three steps. It has a 12 degree double bevel edge.

The knife’s handle is a Micarta D-shaped handle and it has decorative mosaic designs in it. It has a metal logo carved on the handle. The bolster and metal cap allows you to hold it comfortably. 


  • It has a long but thin blade. 
  • Great knife for cutting large fruits and vegetables. 
  • Its stainless steel body has Damascus finish for better looking. 
  • It features traditional Japanese Samurai sword making techniques.
  • It is easy to balance. 


  • The edges of the spin are not very smooth. 

Buying Guide for Best Miyabi Knives

Is Miyabi a good knife brand

Buying the right knife is very important as you need your knife for everyday use in the kitchen. Knives have differences between them. You must know why you need your knife. The good thing about Miyabi is it has so many options to choose from- select the one that best matches your needs.

Also, an abundance of options can leave you confused; no worries. After reading this article, you will know how to choose the right knife for you. 

With my Miyabi mizu guide, you already know the best knives for your kitchen. Remember the following things while choosing the best Miyabi knife for you:

Number of Knives

miyabi mizu sg2 chef's knife (8-inch)

You probably need two or three knives for regular use. You require a chef’s knife that cuts almost everything and a saw-like knife for bread. Also, a small utility knife to cut fruits and other stuff. These are the essential knives that you must need. But if you want to buy a knife set, it’s better to pick one with as many knives as possible. 

Size of the Knives

miyabi mizu sg2 chef's knife 8 inch

Knife’s size is a prime factor. A small knife is easy to hold and use. But, most chef’s knives are between 6 inches to 10 inches long- small knives are easy to control, but long knives can cut large portions; you can cut large foods like chicken or fruit with a large knife- considering all these, select a Miyabi knife that fits your purpose.

More people go for 8 inches long chef knife; you can pick the same too or go for other options. 

Knives that Look Good

miyabi mizu knives

Knives are judged based on their performance rather than their look. Apart from their performance, Miyabi highlights the appearance of its knives; these knives have fine blades and high-quality material in their knives; they cut well and look great. 

So, look for your knife’s appearance as it can make your kitchen space look more organized. 

Block Size

You might think block size does not matter at all. But they do. You have to keep your block somewhere in the kitchen. It will take some of your kitchen space. While buying a knife set, you should select one with a small block if you have a small kitchen space; on the other hand, a smaller block size contains fewer knives.


#1. What is a Mizu knife?

Mizu knife is a premium knife maker. It uses high-quality Japanese steel to make knives. It combines eastern and western styles. They are bound to last for a lifetime. They are lightweight, easy to balance, and eye-soothing to watch. 

#2. Is Miyabi a good knife brand?

Miyabi is a premium quality knife-making brand. These knives do not just deliver work; they look great too. Miyabi makes some of the sharpest and finest knives available out there. They use high-quality Japanese steel to make their knives. 

#3. Are Miyabi knives worth it?

Miyabi knives have high-quality stainless steel bodies. These knives go through unique and innovative processes. As a result, they deliver top-class performance. Besides, with so many decorative designs, they look great too. 

#4. Where are Mizu knives made?

Mizu knives are premium quality handcrafted knives that are from Seki, Japan. They use Japanese steel to make these knives. These knives feature many traditional Japanese techniques. 

#5. Is Miyabi made by Zwilling?

Miyabi is a premium handcrafted kitchen knife manufacturer that makes Japanese-style fine knives. It owns by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, a giant western-style cutlery manufacturer based in Germany. They combine eastern and western styles to make Miyabi knives. 

#6. What Japanese knives does Jamie Oliver use?

Jamie Oliver, the British chef, uses Miyabi premium knives. Because of their premium look and excellent built quality, many people like Jamie Oliver love these Japanese-style knives. 

Final Words

I know it is hard to choose a knife from thousands of options. But I hope my Miyabi mizu guide comes in handy for you. After reading this article, you already know everything about Miyabi knives. Now you are ready to select the right one based on your need.

Just remember, these are premium quality knives with excellent built quality and appearance. They will last for a lifetime. So, if you are ready to buy a premium quality knife, you know which one you should get.

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