Top 5 Best Miyabi kaizen chef’s knife 2023

miyabi kaizen chef's knife review

A knife is a must-have tool for your kitchen. You need a knife to cut and dice all your vegetables, fruits, and meats.  A chef’s knife is a go-to tool for your kitchen. It can cut anything from herbs to meat to fruits and vegetables. It is generally 8 to 10 inches long and has a round tip. It covers a lot of other knives.

If you want to invest in a single knife for kitchen work, then read the best performing Miyabi kaizen chef’s knife guide to choose a durable kitchen. Miyabi kaizen chef’s knife is one of its best kinds. Kaizen means improvement in the Japanese language. It is an excellent example of Japanese craftsmanship. Its core is made of VG10 super steel.

The knife uses ice-hardening technology to sharpen its blade. Plus, the Damascus pattern makes it more attractive. With such looks and comfort, it will surely win your heart. 

Top 5 Miyabi kaizen chef’s knife Buying Guide

1. Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife

miyabi kaizen 8 chef's knife

If you want a knife to chop meat that contains a nice wooden handle, then Miyabi Kaizen Chef’s Knife, Medium, Black with Red Accent is the right choice for you.

Its amazing design of a stunning 64-layered flower with a medium-sized Damascus pattern delivers an amazing finishing touch at the core with resilience. The VG10 super steel must attract you and ensure you an amazing chopping service. You are going to get the best Miyabi kaizen 8-inch chef’s knife guide ever.


Traditional Design

The knife is of medium size that features Damascus design with 65-layered flowers including an edge of katana including 8″ chef-style blade and contains an amazing color complexion of Black with Red accent to provide you an authentic service. You must say it is an amazing Miyabi Kaizen 8inch chef knife.

Vertical Hand honed method

The hand-honed uses the three-stepped process of the Sharpening method which means to sharpen a knife using a rotating vertical sharpening stone. It includes a 9.5 to 12-degree edge featuring VG10 super steel with a blade of extreme hardness as ice. Such an amazing process enables the chefs to apply.

Uniqueness of Handle

The handle is of an exceptional uniqueness with its resistance ability including a pattern of linen with a pin made of mosaic, red-accented spacers, and an end cap made of steel which has a shape like D featuring an elegant black color. This must attract you to grab it.

A Japanese Product 

This Japanese knife reflects the beauty of sharpness to put an extra value which is especially prized highly in Japan and very highly applied in the kitchen by the chefs.


  • A balanced, refined-shaped handled blade.
  • Steel with VG 10 Super quality.
  • Authentic design.
  • Comfortable wooden handle.
  • It moisturizes repellence.


  • Handles are a little bit heavy.

2. Miyabi Kaizen Bread Knife

miyabi kaizen knife

Are you searching for a beautiful and durable knife for your Bakery, then go with Miyabi Kaizen Bread Knife? It won’t disappoint you, probably you may get the most fantastic kaizen knife to use.

You get amazed with the authentic thin Japanese blade profile that provides you a comfortable service to slice your pieces of bread.


Innovative Design

The medium-sized knife is designed with a stunning 64 layered flower with Damascus pattern featuring exceptional and highly resistant sharpie blades to provide you a smooth cutting service.

Special sharpening process

The hand-honed features the three-step process of sharpening using the vertical stone including a 9.5 to 12 degree of edge to get you a precise finishing with a smooth and fantastic cutting experience.

Resistance of blade 

The highly resistant blade is made of plastic featuring an ideal ice-hardened attribute and lets you set a knife like a glove to have a comfortable holding experience.

Authentic Sharpness

The knife is being created over 42 days and 130 steps to a casting honing featuring iconic blades to ensure a smooth, skip-free chopping delivery. Its super iconic sharpness makes it unique from other knives.


  • Precision in every cooking attribute.
  • Whetstones are exclusively Chef-approved 
  • Effective handheld sharpener
  • Durable and beautiful.
  • Convenient.


  • A little bit expensive.

3. Miyabi Kaizen Hollow Edged Knife

miyabi kaizen hollow edge santoku knife

You are searching for colorful knives to decorate your kitchen, then Miyabi Kaizen Hollow Edged Knife is the best option for you. This Kaizen knife offers you knives of multi-shades. 

This JAPANESE Miyabi kaizen knife may offer you an amazing chopping experience with an aesthetic vibe. You will just be mesmerized with its splendid beauty and sharpness.


Long Handle

The wooden handle of this knife is longer than the other knives but is amazingly comfortable to hold and use. You can easily hold it for a longer time.

Measurable Weight

This Kaizen knife of VG Super steel 10 is perfectly measured with weight that ensures an easy, complex, free and lovely chopping time.

Attributes of Versatility

The knife offers multiple colors along with a very fluent cutting service to cut any kind of vegetable or meat. The knife maintains a nice versatility with its appearance and task. The blade of this knife is perfect to deliver precise cutting.


  • The profile of the blade is authentically thin.
  • Uses a three-step process of sharpening.
  • The blade is etched.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Cut even hard frozen foods.


  • The knife is a little bit slippery.

4. Miyabi Kaizen 5.25″ Prep Knife

professional chef knife sets

Are you really wanting to present something to your cook? Then buy this Miyabi Kaizen 5.25″ Prep Knife. Surely they are going to love it.

Its sharpness makes the knife versatile to cut small fruits and vegetables amazingly and let you have an attractive feast. By buying this knife, you may get the sharp cutter Knife ever.


Nice Design

The knife is nicely designed exclusively with super steel including a nice wooden textured handle and the body features wonderful black and stainless steel that adds an innovative appearance to the knife.

Blade service

The sharp blade provides an exceptional service to chop small fruits and vegetables. The blade contains extreme and durable features to attract its’ user.

Cutting service

The extra-sharp feature and the heat, cold, moisture-resistant handle of the knife make it well prepared to produce a stunning and précised cutting experience.

Amazing design of Handle

The design of the D-shaped handle gives the blade an immense balance and makes the whole knife comfortable to hold and apply. You will just love to apply it.


  • Handle is highly heat and cold resistant. .
  • Non slippery handle.
  • Handle acts as a moisture repellant.
  • Artisan hand hon.
  • Beautiful prep knife.


  • A little bit expensive.

5. Miyabi Kaizen Slicing Knife

miyabi kaizen 9.5 slicing knife

Are you looking forward to presenting something to your Chef? Then don’t worry, Miyabi Kaizen Slicing Knife is here to relieve you.

The knife is really great with excellent value and amazingly created to understand the emotions of the chef. 


Samurai Edged Type

This chef knife of Miyabi features a unique Katana or Samurai-edged type including Damascus design with 65-layered flowers. You will be blushing to have such a cute knife in your hands.

Suitable Chef Knife

miyabi knife set

This knife is Miyabi’s best chef knife. It has the sharpness of an extra level to cut vegetables, meat, or fruits with amazing shapes. You can even mash potatoes with this knife. The authentic thin blade makes the knife fantastic to use and provides you the great Miyabi kaizen knife’s guide ever. 

Nice Handle 

The handle features a nice wooden structure that makes the knife easy to hold. It is non-slip and you can easily apply it to cut any kind of things you want at a time.

Universal Apply

It’s an especially resistant blade with ice-hardened features including a black Linen D shaped Samurai-edged handle makes the knife universal for both the left-handers and right-handers. You will just love to have this durable, beautiful, and comfortable KNIFE in your kitchen.


  • A précised knife for your palm.
  • Whetstone with chef approval
  • Fantastically Sharpe.
  • Floats through the cut
  • Great slicing knife.


  • You are being recommended to check the knife while purchasing because sometimes the blade is not straight.

Buying Guides for Knives

There are some important points to be considered before buying a knife. Such as:


First of all you have to think about the necessity of the knife. There are so many knives for cutting and chopping vegetables, fruits, meats or breads. You just need to think for which necessity you are buying knives.


miyabi 8-inch chef knife

You have to check the sizes of knives. There are knives of 6 inches to 10 inches. To understand the sizes, ask your salesman. After getting the size it is your duty to pick up one according to your use.


You have to consider the composition of the steel used for the blade not all the steels of knives are the same. Some are made of stainless steel, some are made of carbon steel. You have to understand such compositions. You have to check the elements while buying.


Before buying a knife you have to test the handle. You can hold the handle to understand its weight and balance.


You have to do research on the brands of the knives before going to buy.

Set or individual: 

You have to decide whether you need a set of knives or an individual knife. Some knives are being sold within sets, some are being sold individually. You have to think about this before buying.


Before buying a knife you may ask the salesman how to clean or maintain the knife. It means you have to be instructed before buying it.

What is the difference between the Miyabi Kaizen and Kaizen II?

miyabi kaizen ii 8 chef's knife

There are some fundamental differences between the Miyabi Kaizen Knife and Kaizen II, Such as:

Blade core: 

kaizen knife

the blade core of the Miyabi  knife is made of VG 10 Stainless steel, on the other hand, Kaizen II is made of FC61 fine carbide stainless steel.

Blade core wrapping: 

Another difference is in the blade core. The blade core of the Miyabi KAIZEN is wrapped by 32 layers of Damascus steel at each side, but the Kaizen II is wrapped by 24 layers of steel at each side.


The blade of the Miyabi Kaizen knife has a flower pattern Damascus and Kaizen II is of wavy pattern Damascus.


chef knife miyabi

The handle of Miyabi Kaizen knife is made with black linen Micarta and Kaizen II’s handle is made with Pakkawood.


Both of the knives feature a D shape handle but include differences in shape and design.


Both have differences in price.


#1. What is an 8 chef knife?

An 8 chef knife is one of the bigger and more popular knives to use for cutting or chopping. This knife is more versatile than the 6-inch knife and can handle heavier ingredients. In this regard, you are being recommended to test the Miyabi 8 inch chef knife.

#2. Are Miyabi Kaizen knives good?

Yes, Miyabi Kaizen set knives are good, they are well known for their super excellent corrosion resistance and cutting-edge retention. The blade is adaptably utilized and Sharpe.

#3. How much is a Miyabi knife?

The average price of a Miyabi knife is approximately between $300-$400 for one piece of the knife. The whole set of Miyabi knives costs most probably $1200. You can get 7 knives in a set.

#4. Where are Miyabi Kaizen knives made?

The Miyabi kaizen knives are made in Zwilling Owned factories in Seki city in Japan. But indeed Miyabi  is a subsidiary of a German brand under the company Zwilling  J.A. Henckels.


Cooking is an art and Kaizen knives are like the color to make this art more creative. In this Miyabi kaizen chef’s knife guide ; you are informed about 5 great Knives of the Miyabi Kaizen brand. The brand provides you with different options of sizes and colors of knives. The makers of these knives are always concerned about the comfort of the users.

So you will get a nice and non-slippery handle for your flawless cutting experience. 

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