Most Glorious Jello Mold Recipes From The 60s

Jello Mold Recipes From The 60s

Since 1897, Jello has been the most demanded gelatin-based dessert on the American menu. And the popularity of the Jello mold salad and desserts peaked in the 1960s.

Jello is the most wanted dessert that is known worldwide not only for its appealing taste but also for the largest-selling nutritional fact. Many people would like to get a jiggly sweet as the best substance as school launch or hospital trays as it is standard among dieters for its low-calorie delight.

Now you must desire to know about jello mold recipes. Yeah, this article will show you the most famous jello mold recipes from the 60s that you can easily get in your home kitchen. 

What are they? Let’s start with some basic points!

Listen About The History Of Jello!

Jello? It is generally prepared up of gelatin and a protein dug out from the skin and bone of particular animals. The gelatin is liquefied in boiling water and then refrigerated to custom a gungy and semi-mold ingredient. 

The 1960s were a memories period when food preparation fast-tracked its great shift from households to factories and supermarkets. But the main focus on a million and one methods to use Pet milk, Jello, and other manmade foods was the maintenance of this regular modification that started in the late 19th century and even after World War II. 

Ingredients Of Jello

Jello is a great mixture of gelatin, water, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and food colorings. And all of them are the basic ingredients of making Jello.

  • Gelatin gives Jello its wiggly texture.
  • Artificial Sweeteners added in Jello are aspartame and artificial and calorie-free sugar. 
  • Artificial flavors are used in Jello, a chemical mixture replicating a natural flavor. 
  • Food Coloring in Jello added that might be natural or artificial. Considering consumer health, some brands make their Jello with natural colorings like beetroots or carrot juice. So check the ingredient label to confirm the coloring agents before buying.  

Nutritional Benefits Of Jello

Jello’s nutritional benefits are far and related to its collagen plus gelatin. It boosts bone health and aid in weight loss but remembers that overconsumption can enhance the risk of chronic ailments. 

The additives in Jello may also increase the threat of cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and inflammation. For those reasons, it is always suggested to make Jello at home kitchen using natural fruit juice to avoid all health problems.   

5 Ever Best Jello Mold Recipes From The 60s 

All the ways of making jello mold are not wrong or tough, but some are definitely better, even best forever. If you are seeking the best ways but easier, this blog post will be the right for you. Here are some recipes that are guaranteed to please any crowd.

Some jello mold recipes are more favorable for several occasions or emotions.

1. Rainbow Jello Mold:

rainbow jello mold recipe

It is a classic recipe that is perfect for kids’ parties or when you want to add a pretty colorful party table with your family. To make this jello mold, you must gather red, orange, blue, and purple color gelatin. 

Mix every color following the directions of their package and pour them into the mold one by one to make layers. Leave it overnight to set, and carefully remove the jello mold from the mold pan. If you are looking for more sophisticated, you can try the next strawberry jello mold recipe.

2. Strawberry Jello Mold:

strawberry jello mold salad recipes

This is a perfect and ideal idea for holiday or weekend parties to impress the guest. You should use fresh or real cranberry without cranberry juice or only essence for this recipe. 

Boil the cranberries with some water and sugar until they make pop. Then mix some plain unflavored gelatin. Pour the mixture into the selected jello mold pan and keep it in the refrigerator to set properly.

After setting the jello mold serve it with your favorite ingredients for what you have made up your mind. 

3. Tupperware Strawberry Jello Mold:

tupperware strawberry jello mold recipe

If you are thinking to make a jello mold for a festive or fun moment, there is nothing more than this classic recipe. 

For this jello mold recipe, you need the following:

Boiling water (1 cup), cold water (1-cup), frozen and drained strawberries-10oz, whipped topping-8oz, and a Tupperware mold-1quarter size.

Mix the jello mix with boiling water in a bowl and stir it for 2/3 minutes to dissolve completely. Then add cold water.

Keep aside half-cup of the strawberry puree. Then pour the puree into the jello mixture and whisk them for a well-blend. Reserve some strawberries for garnish at the final stage. 

Pour the mixture into the mold and leave it in the refrigerator for 4/5 hours to set.

Last, unmold the Jello on the serving plate and decorate it before attending.     

4. Santa Hat Jello Mold:

santa hat jello shots recipe

It is the year of Santa when you must desire to decorate your whole dishes with Santa shadow or design for your tables. And this Santa jello mold recipe must be a perfect dish for you. 

For this jello mold recipe, you need the following:

Boiling water (1 & ¼cup), Strawberry flavor gelatin ( 3oz), small strawberries (2cups), cool whipped topping half-cup

Let’s make it!

Spray the cooking spray on the muffin pan cups with foil liners. Mix boiling water into gelatin and mix it. Pour the mixture into the prepared muffin cups.

Refrigerate it for 2 hours to firm. Remove the jello mold from the foil liners carefully. Then decorate the mold using the rest ingredients to resemble Santa’s hats. 

5. Cherry Applesauce Jello Mold Recipe:

You have to get only four ingredients for this recipe. They are Cherry Jell-o (1 – 6 Oz), boiling water (2 cups), frozen orange juice (1 can), and unsweetened applesauce (1 can). 

Put the gelatin into boiling water to dissolve. Then add orange juice and stir them for 3 minutes to melt and mix completely. Add applesauce and blend them perfectly. Pour the mixture into the mold and leave it in the refrigerator for 5 hours or overnight to set. 

What Can Jello Molds Be Used For?

Jello mold is a wonderful invention to serve several types of creative desserts. Below have some ideas:

  • Serve your favorite salad with jello mold
  • Fill your favorite jello mold with seasonal fruits adding sugar or honey
  • You can serve yogurt and make some different layers 
  • If you like avocado, you can make avocado jello mold and serve it with fruits
  • Ring Ring Chantilly was the most surprising and delicious jello mold recipe
  • If you want to have an orange dessert, you can try orange delight dessert.

Types Of Jello Mold Pans

There are thousands of options for choosing jello mold in the current market. For the best jello mold pans, you have to consider the material of the mold and then select the design. There are three types of material mold available at present.

  1. Copper: In the 1960s, jello mold recipes were mainly prepared using copper. You can also use this mold to make jello salad, but not good for decoration. This type of mold is a little bit old-fashioned for your recipes. 
  2. Plastic: If you are thinking to get some new molds that are dishwasher safe but can be used for the best jello mold recipes from the 60s, plastic molds are good. Most plastic mold comes with removable seals on top and bottom. It is easy to unmold the jello mold shape from the plastic mold.
  3. Silicone: Silicone jello mold pans are very popular present chefs who love making jello mold recipes. This kind of mold comes in various shapes and versions.

Secret Tips For Jello Mold 

For making a perfect jello mold recipe, you must remember some secret tips and tricks that help you prepare an appropriate mold easily.

Tip-1: Spray The Mold – Don’t forget to spray some cooking on the mold before pouring the jello mixture. It removes the prepared mold very easily without breaking a single piece.

Tip 2: Take Time – To prepare any jello mold recipe, you should plan and get time. To make several layers of jello mold, you must prepare your mind first.

Tip-3: Set The Time – For different layers, you have to set a timer and always should keep your eyes on the clock. If you don’t make any preparation, the mold can be rush finally.

Tip-4: Use Frozen And Canned Items – To get a softer texture, you must use frozen and canned fruits in your gelatin salad recipes.

Tip-5: Use Boiled Water – To remove the stubborn jello mold from the mold pan, you can keep the mold in a hot water pot for a few seconds.   


1. Is It healthy to eat Jello?

Jello contains high sugar, low fiber, and protein, making it an unhealthy food. Per serving (6.4 grams), sugar-free dry Jello has 13 calories. Plus, artificial sweeteners also have negative effects on your health.

2. Is Jello Vegetarian?

Jello is mainly made from gelatin, artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors. And some brand provides a vegetarian version, whereas the Jell-O brand supplies non-vegetarian Jello. 

3. What Are The Downside Of Jello?

 Gelatin may be the reason for an unpleasant taste, a sensation of heaviness in your stomach, heartburn, and even belching. Allergic reactions in more people can be seen having Jello. 

4. Is Jello A Superfood?

An ancient superfood can be a great remedy for health ailments by therapeutic holes in the knee-jerk, filling in nutrients missing from the SAD (Standard American Diet). 

Wrapping Up! 

The 1960s were the best period of change in ideas even in recipes. Jello mold recipes were the rage, and most people loved creative ways to prepare them. There were various types of jello mold recipes, from savory to sweet.

In the 1960s, jello molds were a popular party food as they could be prepared in progress and served. They were decorated with different colorful toppings, and everyone enjoyed trying out the various flavors. If you are seeking some recipes for great inspiration, why don’t you try the above classic jello mold recipes from the 60s?    

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