How To Get Rust Off Kitchen Knives ?

how to get rust off kitchen knives

Rusts are annoying things we get to see in our knives, metals, stainless steel, etc. Not only that, some dreaded orange colors in our steels make them look obsolete as well. Steel knives especially face this type of problem the most. For this reason, it is very important to know how to get rust off kitchen knives.

We know, there are some home remedies as well professional steps too for removing rusts from metals. For instance, baking soda, vinegar, lemons, and ketchup work like magic for this task. Maybe you do not have vinegar right at the moment, so you can use baking soda

On the other hand, salt and water can also be a helpful object to remove rusts. Moreover, dish soap, salted potato, citric acid, chemical solutions, etc are handy remedies too. But the problem is, all of us are not affiliated with the significant steps. 

In order to remove all your confusions and remove rusts in easy ways, I have bought this article for here. Here, you will get the perfect guide to remove rusts from your metals using several items.

How do you get rust off of knives steps guide

First, grab your favorite knife and pull it from a sheet only to find it covered in rust. Well, rust is an iron oxide that forms on steel in the presence of water or even moisture in the air. And if you live in a humid or coastal area, your knife can rust more apparently. And yes, the air’s moisture will play a big role in it.

However, you can prevent rusts in the rain or by cutting wet  or damp wood. Well, that teaches us how to prevent our knives from rusting.

When we are in a field, it would be better to use a lightweight or a compact microfiber. Also, a cloth can be helpful to wipe down our knife blade. Remember to wipe it after every use. Again, some simple clothes are good to wipe excess moisture from blades onto a t-shirt or pants leg, helps us.

There are numerous polishing products and rust removals you will get to see in the market. However you can use baking soda in a pinch and water to do the job.

Step 1: Make a paste

how to clean rust off of knives

Begin by pouring a fair amount of baking

soda into a container or onto a paper towel, add a small amount of water and stir until it becomes a paste for light rusting or newly formed rust liberally.

Step 2: Apply the paste

Apply the paste onto the rusted areas of the blade and rub it with a brush to tackle severe cases. Or you can go with a steel wool and paste.

Do not forget to use caution in times of an abrasive material. While removing rust from a knife blX X ade, do not press it too hard. And that could cause a scratch in the blade. 

Step 3: Scrub the rusts

To lower the risk, use a slightly less abrasive disc rubbing pad. Be careful while scrubbing rust off your blade. You may need to apply heavy pressure at times and a slip could result in an injury.

A nice pair of gloves is another important thing to maintain your knife. And make sure that your steel wool does not come into contact with the knife’s edges. 

Step 4: Add a coat of oil

Stand for a couple of minutes prior to scrubbing with your steel wool. Once you remove all the rush from the blade, start adding another coat of oil and let it set. This allows the oil to fill in the pores of the steel. 

Step 5: Wipe your blade

Then wipe the blade clean, keep in mind the resistant, not rust proof. It is a good practice to regularly wipe down your knife with a coat of oil. Next, inspect your blade for any signs of rust.

If you take some maintenance techniques and care in a timely manner, there will be no permanent damage in your knife.

How to get rust off a knife at home

can you get rust off knives

Well, there are many homemade recipes that you can try out for removing rusts. Such as- potatoes, vinegar, lemons, ketchup, and so on. Indeed, these substances are the natural solution and leave no harmful effects.

In most metal surfaces, rust spots are usually seen to plague. Whether it is a kitchen sink or a garden tool, some dreaded orange colors will always make your metal look dirtier and older than before. 

We know, metal objects face some sorts of moisture-caused chemical reaction. However, this reaction is almost impossible to prevent. Accordingly, these above handful solutions can actually make a change. Now let us see some essential steps which can help us to get rusts off at home effortlessly.

  • Scrub the rusts away with some salt, lemons, and limes.
  • Use salt and raw potato to rub down the rusted pieces.
  • Break down the rust stains by washing your metal with some ketchup and soda.
  • Create a paste from baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and tartar for making a fine rust treatment. 
  • Mix salt, baking soda, and vinegar in order to prepare a genuine homemade rust remover.

How to get rust off of knife blade with salted potato and dish soap

how to get rust off of knife blade

Usually oxalic acid plays a crucial role in cleaning several items. Likewise, a potato serves amazingly in removing rusts and cleaning steels. The reason is, potatoes contain oxalic acid which is best for dissolving rusts. 

If your metal does not have relief or detailing work, a potato or a dish soap can work effectively. Just slice a potato and cover its section with dish soap and then sprinkle some salt onto the potato. If you see, salt and baking soda are none other than a mild abrasive formula. Furthermore, salt helps to scrape all rusts off from a steel knife.

Lastly, rinse your knife with water and dry it by wiping with a clean cloth.

How to prevent rust on knives with Salt and Lemon

Those who have salt and lemon near them, this technique is going to be a beneficial one. By involving an abrasiveness of salt and acidity of lemons, rusts vanish overtime. Here, you just need to cover the rusted areas of your knife using some salt and squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on them. 

When you are done applying the mixture, let it sit for a couple of hours. Afterwards, take a lemon rind to scrub your knife. Conversely, a wire brush or a steel tool can be a fine object. When you are done with scrubbing, rinse all the rust residues and dry your knife instantly.

How to clean rust off of knives with citric acid

how to remove rust stains from kitchen knives

One thing you must know about citric acid is, it not only removes rusts, but also paints and coatings. Although it is a charming technique for removing rusts, you may not get the best results every time. 

Anyways, citric acid needs to be used in three tablespoons by putting it in a bowl. Before that, fill your bowl with some hot water and then submerge your rusty knife into it. Keep your knife there for the whole night and scrub the remaining object in the next morning.

How to remove rust from a knife with baking soda

how to remove rust from a knife with baking soda

Baking soda is a great substitute for removing rusts. But if rusts are more in quantity in a metal, using baking soda is not a good idea. It means you can use baking soda to remove a little amount of rust from metals. Similarly, baking soda removes rusts from thin metals in a click. 

To start off with this process, first make a thick paste by mixing some water and baking soda. Then use that paste to spread all over your metal. Make sure to cover all those rusty spots in your metal. When you are done applying your paste, leave it for one hour to let the paste sit perfectly.

Now a wire brush or steel wool would be very handy to scour the paste. Hence, all rusts will get removed without any hindrances. Again, you have to rinse the paste off with some clean water and make your knife dry thoroughly. For this reason, a fine tidy cloth can help you to wipe off the water particles.

How to remove rust stains from kitchen knives

To remove rust stains from kitchen knives, nothing can be better than white vinegar. Yet, a white vinegar seems the right alternative to tackle any kind of significant rusts. What you have to do is, take a bowl and fill it with some white vinegar. 

Then submerge your knife into that bowl and let it sit overnight. In the morning you will see that your knife has soaked enough. 

Remove your knife from the bowl of vinegar and scrub all its rusts off. A wire brush or steel wool has always been the best thing to scrub all rusts off. 

Sometimes, we get to see some rust spots left in our knives. At that time, repeat the same process and soak your knife for a bit longer. Just remove all the remaining rusts and use dish soap and water to clean your knife. Consequently, you can dry it in the same way as mentioned before.

Remove rusts with chemical solution 

Chemical solutions, like- Metal Glo is a commendable DIY method for removing rust from knives. Again, cookware, silverware, and jewelers combine a safe use with chemical solution.

While cleaning your knife, do not forget to rub your Metal Glo in order to avoid scratching in knives.  

Remove rusts with naval jelly

Well, naval jelly is more like a heavy-duty solution for removing rusts. It means, you can use this solution for large objects mainly. Now we are going to discuss how you can remove rusts from your knife using a naval jelly. 

Though naval jelly removes rusts from giant objects, it is also suitable for robust knives. When you will be using this naval jelly, just paint or spray the solution on those parts where you see the rusted spots in your knife. Well, it will take 5 to 10 minutes for the rusts to dissolve.

One thing you must keep in mind is that Metal Glo is not a perfect chemical solution for thin metals or any other stainless steel. It can only be used on thick metals and the prescribed items only. Nonetheless, knives of thick metals are only suitable for naval jelly in order to remove rusts from them.

Precautions to avoid rusts from knives

Overall, the entire concept has taught us how to remove rusts from our knives in a click. For now, we have to know what steps can help us to avoid rusts prior to their attack.

One of the most common reasons that cause rusts in metal is water. Hence, keeping your stainless steel knives clean and dry would be the only solution if you do not want rusts to attack ever. And after washing, make sure that you make them dry without taking any dry. A clean cloth can be a handful for that. 

Store your knife or any metal objects in a dry place or the areas where humidity is low. Yet, there are some joints in metals which require an appliance of mineral oil. Just take a piece of cloth, apply some mineral oil into it and then stroke the cloth in your knife and it’s joints. 

Remember to apply this technique two to three times a year. As a result, you will hardly see rusts appearing in your knives and other stainless steel metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How do you get rust off a chef’s knife?

In order to get rust off a chef’s knife, use some white vinegar as a rust remover tool. Particularly, you need to submerge your rusty knives into a bowl filled with vinegar. And let your knife sit on that bowl and get rid of rusts overnight. In the morning you will see that your knife has soaked enough.

Thus, the rusts from your knife will start to get off within a simple scrub. Also, you can use a wire brush or a steel wood to scrub more precisely.

#2. Can you use a knife with rust on it?

Yes, a knife with rust is still usable for us. The reason is, rusts are nowhere dangerous. So if your knife contains some sorts of rusts, don’t worry. You can use it for several purposes and works. However, rusted knives convey some problems though.

For instance, your food will face some impurities if the rusts from your knife get into it.

#3. Can you get rust off knives?

It is nowhere a hard task to get rusts off from our knives. So yeah, we can surely get rust off knives. For this reason, you will need some elbow greases for this process. Firstly, you will have to submerge your knives in a bowl filled with vinegar in order to tackle the rust items.

Let your knife soak by leaving it the whole night in that bowl. Then scrub all the rusts off from your knife using a wire brush or a steel wool.

#4. Why are my kitchen knives rusty?

One of the most common for kitchen knives to rust is contraction with oxygen or water. Nonetheless, this type of contact between oxygen and knives or water and knives are common and thus forms rusts in metals.

And if the water is acidic or salty, that will help the corrosion process to speed up naturally. Besides, cutleries and knives are made of metal. So they are more prone to rusts.

#5. How do you keep a knife from rusting?

Here are some quick steps which will help you to keep your knife from rusting. 

Clean your knives right after using them every time.

To get the best results, wash your knife with soap.

Do not make the mistake of putting your knife in a dishwasher.

It would be better if you do not put your knife in a sink for soaking. Also, you should not let it stand in water.

#6. What is the fastest way to remove rust from stainless steel?

To remove rust from stainless steel in the fastest way, you must go through some essential steps below:

Make a paste of baking soda

Rub that paste into your stainless steel’s grain

Let the paste to sit into stainless steel precisely

Scrub all the rusts away

Rinse the stainless steel with pure water and wipe it with a clean cloth

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you have achieved a concerned idea about some effective remedies to remove rusts. Alongside, the guide of how to get rust off kitchen knives will leave no stone unturned to keep your knives flawless. Indeed, it is essential to be ready with some prepared steps. You must ensure that rusts do not attack your metals and thus there will be no need to struggle with removing rusts.

All in all, water plays a crucial role in forming rusts on metal particles. Whenever you will keep your knife or any stainless steel into dishwashers or sinks, rusts will appear constantly. So what you should do is, keep your metals and knives dry every time. And if it is possible, make a protective layer of coating with a soft cloth and apply some mineral oil.

Yet, if you see rusts, the above steps are always there to help you.

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