How to Remove Rust from Knives with Baking Soda ?

how to remove rust from knives with baking soda

As kitchen knives are the tool to cook foods, it becomes wet frequently. When a piece of stainless steel gets wet, it must become rusty. But, regular maintenance can keep the steel knives rust-free and suitable for cooking.

If your stainless steel knives become rusty, you should not be worried. You can remove the rust from a knife. And also, you can regain their look like a new piece. But, you should know the proper ways to make your knife rust-free without investing a lot.

Let’s discuss how to remove rust from knives with baking soda. Besides, you can learn how to clean Damascus steel kitchen knives. Also, you will love to know about the knife cleaning solutions from us.

Uses of Baking Soda at Home

can baking soda clean rust

Baking soda is a kind of salt used to cook foods. This salt contains sodium bicarbonate from the natural minerals of the water. The taste of this baking soda is light and salty. 

Though baking soda is good for cooking, it has different advantages. The use of baking soda may reduce the heartburn problem. Study says that baking soda can boost your outdoor activities. Besides, this soda is an alternative way to antacid. And this increases the immune system of your body.

Difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder 

does baking soda remove rust from stainless steel

In general, baking soda and baking powder have the same formula. And also, both of the products are good for baking or cooking foods. Besides, both of the products have sodium bicarbonate.

The taste of the products is the same as light salty. Besides, the texture of them has no differences. But the baking powder is not a liquid product. On the other hand, baking soda is a liquid ingredient to bake food. Furthermore, baking powder includes an acid formula to make it liquify.

How to remove rust from knives with baking soda: Step by Step 

So far, you know that the rust is not permanent over a plain surface. You can remove rusts from your knife that are regular tools for cooking. So, getting rust is not the end of a valuable knife. You can gain its previous look and performance.

Baking soda is an easily-available material to remove the unwilling rust from the knife. This ingredient is a common one which cooks foods regularly. But, to clean knife rust with baking soda, you need to arrange a few things and follow a few steps.

So, you need to arrange the rust included knife first. And also, you can manage a slight amount of baking soda. 

Besides, you can manage to distill water or lemon juice. And finally, you can organize an old toothbrush to scrub the rusts. To remove the wetness, you can keep a piece of dry cloth.

Now follow the steps to remove rusts from your kitchen knife – 

Step 1

First of all, you need to clean the knife that you want to make rust-free. That is the basic cleaning of a knife to remove dirt from it. Remember, the source of the rust is water. So, you need to avoid regular water to make the initial cleaning of the knife.

Step 2

After removing the dirt from the knife, you need to prepare a paste. To prepare the paste, you need to bring a bowl. In a bowl, you need to put a small amount of water. You can use lemon juice instead of using water. After that, you need to mix baking soda with lemon juice or water.

Step 3

When the pasta is ready, you can apply them to the areas of rust. After applying the paste over the rusts, you can keep them for a while. An hour is enough to become the rust of the knife wet and loose.

Step 4

After an hour, you need to press the toothbrush over the rust. If the rust becomes too hard, you can use an abrasive tool to remove it. After scrubbing, the rusts start losing strength. 

Step 5

When the rust starts detaching the surface of the knife, you can wipe it. To wipe the wet knife, you can use a cotton cloth. Then take an amount of baking powder on the cloth. And start scrubbing the whole surface.

In this way, you will get the new look of your knife. Thus, the knife will become rust-free and shine its stainless reflection.

Other Ways to Remove Rust from Kitchen Knives

You can remove the rusts from your kitchen knives without using baking soda too. If you want to know the other secrets, stay with us for a while. Here we will show how to get the rust off a knife blade.

Removing Rust from Knives with Vinegar

You will be glad to know that vinegar can remove your knife rust! Thus the vinegar includes acetic acid in its formula. And acetic acid is a perfect choice to remove rusts. But, you can use white vinegar to clean rust. Otherwise, the stainless steel of the knives may lose its quality.

To remove rust from the kitchen knife, you need to arrange a small bowl. Then you can pour the bowl with vinegar and press with a cloth. When the rust becomes wet, you can rinse the knife in water. After that, you can dry the piece of steel with a soft cloth.

Removing Rust from Knives with Onion

Onion is a natural ingredient in cooking delicious food. But it has the capability of removing old rust from the knife. As onion is an available product, many people like it most in removing rusts.

To remove rust, you need to press a piece of onion over it. If you find it difficult, you can use a dry cloth to keep the onion. Besides, you can rub the onion over a knife by cutting it into two pieces.

Removing Rust from Knives with Potato

Natural elements are the best choice to remove rust from knives. Due to the presence of oxalic acid, potatoes are another vegetable that removes rust. To use the oxalic acid over rusts, you can cut the potato into two pieces. Then you can rub them over the knife.

Remember, you need to keep the knife for a few hours wet. The rust must be moist with the oxalic acid of the potatoes. After a few hours, you can wipe the knife with water or a dry cloth to regain its stainless appearance.

Removing Rust from Knives with Salt

Salt is a choice to use as an abrasive to remove rust. Thus, you can use salt, and rub it for a minute with a cloth. In this way, you can remove the rust from your old kitchen knife. Before rubbing over a knife, you should take a thick cloth for your hand’s safety.

Removing Rust from Knives with Lemon

how to prevent rust on knives

You can use citric acid or lemon for removing knife rust. Citric acid is a powerful chemical that can remove old rust from steel. You can purchase citric acid from the nearest store to your home. But, lemon juice is an instant solution for rust removal.

Removing Rust from Knives with Cleaner

A knife cleaner solution is another way to remove rust from a knife. This kind of solution is suitable to clean different steel. So, many people purchase steel cleaning solutions from the store to remove rust from their kitchen knives. 

How to Clean Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife

Damascus steel kitchen knives are beautiful, sturdy, and more expensive than regular knives. To clean these knives, you should maintain extra care too. Thus, we will share a few tips to clean Damascus steel kitchen knives.

Thus, you need to manage the dishwasher, soft cloth, and mineral oil. Then you can clean Damascus steel knives with extra care. Now follow the steps to clean the knife accurately.

Wash your Damascus Steel Knife

After every use of the knife, you must wash them. Thus, the knives get dirt when you cut vegetables, fish, meat, or other ingredients. So, first of all, clean and wash your knife with a dishwasher.

When you apply a dishwasher, you can use wool or soft clothes. Rubbing with abrasive materials may damage the stainless steel of the knife. So, wash the Damascus knife softly with dishwashing soap.

Apply mineral oil on the Damascus Steel Knife

how to clean damascus steel kitchen knife

As the Damascus knives are steel, you cannot use olive oil or other oil on them. So, you can use mineral oil to keep the knife well. By using mineral oil, you can protect your knife from rust. But remember, you should make the knife dry before applying oil. 

Soft towels are perfect for drying moisture from the knife. However, applying mineral oil to the Damascus knife increases its glorification. The oil protects the knife along with enhancing beautification.

Polishing Damascus Steel Knife

To keep safe, you should polish your Damascus knife regularly. After using it frequently, you can apply mineral oil. But polishing with a soft cloth, you can keep the knife fresh for a long time. Also, we recommend you check the dryness of the knife first. If the knife gets wet, polish will not give fruitful results.

How to Clean Rusts from Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife

Water is a prime source of getting rusts on steel knives. But, the steel can get rust without using water or natural reason. However, getting rust over Damascus knives is not the end. You can get the shiny surface like a new knife again.

To remove rusts from the Damascus steel knives, you should use simple ways. You can use several fruits or vegetables to remove the rust too.

 However, using vinegar can be a great choice to remove rust from Damascus steel. So, find the materials that are best suites to clean rusts – 

Use of Potatoes

By cutting potatoes into two pieces, you can rub them over the rusty surfaces. After rubbing the rusts over the Damascus steel knife, you can keep them wet for a few hours. After that, you can wipe them to remove all the rusts from the knife.

Use of Lemon Juice

knife cleaner solution

The potatoes contain oxalic acid, and the lemon contains citric acid. Due to the presence of citric acid, you can remove rust from your old knives. After removing the rusts, you should make the surface of the knives as early as possible. You can use soft cotton clothes to make your knife wet-free.

Use of Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid, and this liquid is an available product. You can purchase vinegar from your nearest departmental store. And, the acetic acid from the vinegar removes the rust from the kitchen knives. Vinegar is popular in removing rusts from Damascus steel knives.

Use of Baking Soda

Baking soda can be another good choice for rust removal. But, you may not use this soda directly on steel. 

You can mix water and baking soda to prepare a paste. Then you can apply it to the surface of the rusts. So, baking soda is another handy material to remove rust from Damascus knives.

How to Store Damascus Knives

Damascus steel is different from regular steel. The composition of Damascus steel is different from carbon steel. The design of the Damascus steel knives is also different from others.

The Damascus steel knives are also more expensive than other steel knives. Thus, you need to take extra care to store them safely and rust-free. Though the carbons steel and stainless are rust-free, they damage strength after long use. So, we are sharing a few considerations to store Damascus knives below –

Keeping Moisture Free

Moisture is the core reason behind growing rusts over any steel. As Damascus knives are suitable for kitchen use, you will get rusts frequently. To protect rusts, you must keep your knives dry. Thus, you can use a soft and dry cloth to ensure the dryness of the knives.

Store in a Dry Environment

You can store the knife in a place where kitchen water does not reach. Also, you need to select a palace where moisture cannot reach. Besides, you can choose a dry area to store your Damascus knives. Moreover, a wooden cabinet or a drawer will be a better option to keep knives dry.

Cleaning Dirt from the Knives

After cutting the cooking ingredients, the dirt attaches to the blade. Also, after cutting vegetables or fish, the knife-blade becomes dirt. Your knives will be rust-free if you remove the dirs regularly.

Avoiding Abrasives to Rub

Using abrasives can damage the stainless of a Damascus knife easily. Besides, abrasives damage the appearance of the blade of the Damascus knife. So, you should avoid abrasives to keep your kitchen knives well.


1. Can I use baking soda and vinegar to remove rust?

Household items like baking soda and vinegar contain different types of acid. Such as, vinegar contains acetic acid, and baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate. Both acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate can remove rusts from stainless steel. That means baking soda and vinegar can remove rust from stainless steel.

2. How do you get the rust off knives?

You can get the rust off from knives with several household items. Some of them are natural, and some of them are available in your nearest store. Among all items, most of them are cooking and baking ingredients.

To remove rusts, you need to press them over the surface. After that, you can rub them with clothes or toothbrushes. And then, you can use dry clothes to wipe the dirt, to get back the stainless of the knives.
The common household items in removing rusts are – 

Lemon Juice
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
Cooking Salt
Steel Cleaning Solution

3. How do you clean a knife with baking soda?

To clean knife rust with baking soda, you need to make a paste first. By using mineral water with a little amount of baking soda, you can create the paste. After creating baking soda paste, you need to apply them over the surface of the knife. After a while, you can wipe with a cloth to clean a knife properly.

4. How to remove rust from metal with baking soda?

Removing rust with baking soda from metal is a simple task. You can make the rust wet for a few hours to remove them well. To make it wet, you can use a paste of baking soda. By pouring a bowl of water and a small amount of baking soda, you can prepare the paste.

However, after a few hours, you need to make the metal wet-free. To make it wet-free, you can use a soft towel. After making the metal moisture-free, you can take salt on a cloth. And then, you can start polishing the piece of metal.

5. How do you remove rust from a knife blade?

You can remove rust from a knife in several ways. Vinegar, lemon juice, potato, and baking soda are household items to remove rust from a knife blade. This household item contains different types of acid. This acid can remove rust from the blade.


After going through this article, we have learned how to remove rust from knives with baking soda. Besides, we have to learn how to store Damascus knives and how to clean them.

Moreover, we have acquired the secrets of using simple things to remove rust from knives. Such as, potato, onion, and lemon are the natural elements for rust removal. Additionally, vinegar, baking powder, and salt are common household materials to use.

So, finally, we are expecting that our article has delivered knowledge regarding rust removal. We hope our article will help you maintain your valuable knives easily. And also, you can remove rust from the old knives to reuse them in household work.

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