Raising Canes Sweet Tea Recipe

Raising Canes Sweet Tea Recipe

Sweet tea is the most popular southern summer beverage. Making sweet tea served in many restaurants takes a knack. There is nothing like the taste of brewed iced tea on a hot summer day when it has raising canes of sweet tea. 

Making a jug of southern sweet tea is not a difficult task. Anyone can prepare this recipe following some easy steps. This post will teach you how to prepare Raising Canes sweet tea at home. Check out our recipe so you won’t go wrong and enjoy the best tea from home all season long.  

Why Should You Try This Sweet Tea?

Making this sweet tea is simple, but other-tasting sweet tea is not easy. On the other hand, you can enjoy your summertime with this recipe. With this tea, you will unlock a new secret beverage. We can help you enjoy a sweet tea by adjusting the sweetness depending on your preference.  

What Makes The Raising Sweet Tea Refreshing?

What Makes The Raising Sweet Tea Refreshing

As a classic Southern sweet summer beverage, you can try it at home if you don’t stay in the South. It is just making and having satisfaction about sipping an ice-cold glass of sweet tea in warmer weather. 

Though making sweet tea isn’t tough but discovering great-tasting sweet tea isn’t easy. If you can learn the basic raising canes sweet tea recipe, the next summer will be more delightful for you. 

How Is Long Raising Canes Sweet Ice Tea Good For?

It can be good for about 7-days after opening the pack. When you open it, you have to keep it in the refrigerator and should finish in a week.

Can You Purchase A Gallon Of Raising Canes Sweet tea?

Yes, you can. If you want to enjoy the iced sweet tea with your family or friends together at a party, you need to purchase a gallon of raising canes sweet tea. 

How Much Sugar Does Raising Cane Sweet Tea Contain?

According to the raising canes, their raising canes sweet tea contains a proprietary blend of cane sugar with sucralose. So, it is clear there has no right amount of sugar exactly. The sugar in every cup of sweet tea can vary depending on the size of the teacup and the amount of ice it takes to add. In general, there are 24 grams of sugar in each teacup of the raising canes sweet tea. 

How Many Calories Are In Raising Cane Sweet Tea?

If you are serving a 16-oz raising cane sweet tea, there you will get 150 calories. To burn it, you should run, swim, cycle, and do more physical exercise if you don’t need to work hard. 

How Much Sugar Is In Raising Cane Sweet Tea?

There is 19-gram sugar in 1 serving of Raising Cane’s Sweet Tea.  

What Is Needed To Make Raising Canes Sweet Ice Tea?

What Is Needed To Make Raising Canes Sweet Ice Tea

There are some basic ingredients you must collect before trying the Raising cane sweet tea at home. 

  • Larger Pitcher: A big pitcher is ideal for serving drinks to a group. If you want to serve sweet iced tea, lemonade, and sangria, a large pitcher can be a suitable way to do it.
  • Luzianne Tea Bags: This tea bag is made for brewing sweet tea. It is filled with high-quality tea leaves that are flavorful and strong and ideal for the sweet tea recipe. The tea bag is very easy to use, and you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea quickly.
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons: They are the best tools to measure the ingredients perfectly. 

Recipe Notes:

How many Tea bags need for a gallon of sweet tea?

This measurement mainly depends on the brand that you are using. When trying Luzianne Tea Bags, you should use only four bags per gallon of water.

What is the perfect ratio of tea to water for sweet tea?

For one gallon of tea, you need to use 1 ounce or a little more than 28-gram. To make delicious and appealing sweet tea, you must maintain the right water ratio. 

What can you serve with sweet tea?

If you like to serve classic party foods, you can add:

  • Biscuits
  • Crunchy wafers or cakes
  • Scones
  • Gray teacakes
  • Finger sandwiches

What flavor paired with tea will be right for a holiday party?

Are you thinking about what flavors pair best with tea for your holiday party? If you love the sweetness of a great southern iced tea, we would like to recommend pairing raising cane sweet tea with salty foods to cut the additional sugar. We are recommending the following:

FAQs: Raising Cane Sweet Tea

1. Why Do You Need To Put Baking Soda In Your Sweet Tea?

Mixing a pinch of baking soda into the sweet tea is a good idea. It will help reduce tea’s acidity and make it tastier even by adding less sugar. If you want to see yourself pretty woozy after drinking sweet tea, the baking soda will help you to stop it.

2. How Much Baking Soda S Right To Add To A Gallon Of Sweet Tea?

It can be less or more depending on the situation. But a two-finger pinch of baking soda is enough for a full-sweet iced tea recipe. If needed, you can add more.

3. What Is The Best Tea Bag For Sweet Tea?

We are discussing the best tea bag brand for making homemade sweet tea. Everyone likes to go with the best brand, Luzianne Tea Bags. Its flavor is perfect for this Raising canes sweet tea recipe. 

4. What Is The Difference Between Sweet Eta And Sweetened Iced Tea?

Though they are similar, there are some silly differences between sweet tea and sweetened iced tea, depending on the brewing method. For perfect sweet tea, you should brew the tea using fresh water that is right off the boil, adding sugar to the water in hot. 

On the contrary, for sweetened iced tea, you must add any brewing way and sweetener you want. Many people use the cold brewing process to reduce the acidity and agave syrup as sweeteners.  

Copycat Raising Canes Sweet Tea Recipe

  • Cuisine: American
  • Category: Beverage
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 30-minutes


  • Luzianne Tea Bags: 4 family size/ 7 regular small size
  • Water: 8-cup
  • Sugar: 1 cup
  • Baking soda: 1 pinch
  • For Serving: Lemon slices and fresh mint


  1. Bring filtered water to boil
  2. Place tea bags in a large pitcher or jar 
  3. Pour boiling water into the jar and then over the tea bags
  4. Steep it for 15-minutes
  5. Remove the tea bags after squeezing them into the jar
  6. Then add the sugar into the tea and stir it until dissolved fully
  7. Let it cool, and pour it into a two-quart pitcher
  8. Stir in the remaining water and add some ice if desired
  9. Now fill up the serving glasses with ice and pour the tea
  10. Serve every glass with lemon and mint sprigs
  11. Let’s enjoy your homemade raising canes sweet tea recipe

Note: You can adjust the sweetness of the tea by adding sugar more or less.  

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Recommended Products:

  • Baking Soda
  • Glass water pitcher
  • Measurement cups and spoons
  • Luzianne Tea Bags
  • Sugar


Is it summertime? So, it’s the best time to make raising canes sweet tea recipes. If you want to make a delicious beverage in this hot weather, look no further; cool down and try this copycat sweet tea recipe at home. We know this recipe is very easy to follow. If you want to know more about summer drinks, leave comments!

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